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Golden Bones

July 27, 2017

A few weeks back I went out carping on a really, really, really neat river in my neck of the woods. A place I never really fished before, but let me tell you one of the best places I've been in a while. The environment these fish live in for the fly angler is just amazing. The river itself is literally all flat rock. So stripping flies along the bottom won't cause snags and being able to watch fish break off their path to chase your fly is just heart stopping.

Carp in general are just way fun to fish for! And out spending a day chasing them when they are usually active all day long not on and off like other species.

Get out there and give em a beating!

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My favorite gamefish on a fly since trying them as a target in 2005, changed my angling 180 degrees!
Thanks Gregg. Yeah these fish are incredible.