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2 Large sharks caught bottom fishing

July 30, 2017

I took a father and son along with a member from the Port St Lucie fishing club out to the snapper hole. Seas were light with a 5 knot south west wind. Seat surface temperature was 81 degrees and water clarity was around 30 feet. The bottom fishing rigs were triple hook rigs with 3/0 J hooks on 40 pound Andy line, the long lines were 60pound pink Andy with 50 circle hooks. There were a lot of grunts and undersize vermilion snapper. We were using cut squid and then a combination of cut squid and cut grunt. I used the grunt heard on long lines on the bottom as well as live grunts on the top. We caught several trigger fish as well and a very large Grunt. We caught a real mice mangrove snapper measuring at 23” he took a Grunt head. They also caught and released 2 fairly large sharks each over 10 feet long. One shark took a grunt head on the bottom the other took a live grunt on the bottom. Both times the shark got hooked corner of the mouth away from the teeth. Since I was anchored electronically using my Minkota I-Pilot we were able to come off anchor and chase the sharks when the swivel hit the tip I grabbed the leader and cut it as close to the sharks mouth as I could safely, both sharks swam away to fight another day.

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