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Winter on Colorado's Tailwaters

February 09, 2017

Two of Colorado's famous Tailwaters, the Blue River and Frying Pan can offer up some exciting fishing in the winter. This time of year with the lower flows it is a good strategy to use stealth and sight fish. If a fish hasn't accepted up what your offering sometimes it works to move on and come back later. The weather can vary so bringing layers and winter gear is key to staying warm. One minute it can be sunny and warming up and another snowing!

Flies used on latest trip:

Mysis #18-20

Midge Patterns #18-20

Black PTs #18

Small eggs #16-18

For a streamer we tried a egg sucking leech which worked for a couple fish

Bring a variety of tippit sizes some fish were picky others not so much. We used 4x-5x and 6x later in the day as fishing pressure increased.

Fish species