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11 Red Snapper all released Marine fisheries have no idea how many fish are out there

June 25, 2017

I took a couple from Texas out to the north end of the snapper hole. This was their first fishing trip in the ocean. Seas were 2 to 3 foot and the current was running fairly strong, we were near a new moon. The sea temperature was 79 degrees and water clarity was about 15 feet. We started in 80 feet of water and then moved out to 100 foot depth. At the 80 foot mark they caught a lot of grunts which we used for both live bait and cut bait. We also caught a lot of vermilion snapper all of which were short. When we got to the 100 foot depth they dropped the lines in and immediately caught a true red snapper. They also started catching nice size trigger fish. They were using a 3 hook chicken rig with 8 ounces of lead to hold bottom. They had cut grunt and cut squid for bait. Twice they caught 2 red snappers at the same time on the chicken rig, the first time it was a 15’ and a 23” red snapper. The second time they caught 2 on one rig the guy had a real hard time getting it to the boat, when he got it to the boat it was 2 real nice red snappers one was 15” the other 27”. When we were done they caught and released 11 red snapper most of them between 20” and 27”I used a vent tool to release the air from their blatter. I picked them up from Club Med so they couldn’t keep any fish so even the trigger fish were released.