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Recent studies have suggested that there are more then 15,000 fish per mile..Located in the northwest corner of New Mexico, the San Juan River is ...

October Visits to the San Juan River

September 28, 2016

With the changing of the leaves comes the changing of the fishing. The chill rolls into the San Juan River valley in early October. Brown trout start getting very aggressive, and rainbow trout start getting very tattered looking. Put on a BWO size 22 and throw it at the water in the lower back channel. The lucky anglers get a chance to catch a giant trout. The unlucky will have to return another day. They are there, lurking in the cover provided by the beaver dam. Sometimes when trying to get a slightly longer drift around the corner, slipping into the hole happens. Does getting soaked to the bone and fishing through the cold make you more manly? Definitely not, but it will build some character. Hardship makes you respect the ease with which our lives flow. With our cellphones glued to us, and our computers always reminding us of forgotten tasks, its nice to find a place where your gadgets are the last thing you look at during the day unless you took pictures of the enormous brown trout and need to show everyone in the restaurant that night.

Check out our website, there is a fishing report.

Come on out to the river, let us take you fishing.

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