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Nearly Official...Arrival of Fall Fly Fishing

September 19, 2017

This report won't be too much unlike the previous one, with a few exceptions!

Yakima River flows are down and the river has its proverbial arms wide open for fly anglers both in boat and on foot. October caddis and soon we will see BWO's/Baetis hatching as well. Some cool weather coming in will bring water temps down quick so make time to be over here over the next 2 months.

With the cool weather expect to see the small streams become a bit more challenging as the fish start to go into "hibernation" mode. Probably still find fish looking up for dries during parts of the day but putting a small dropper on there wouldn't be a bad idea either. Expect it to be hit or miss over the next month or so and finally more or less shutting down by mid to late October. Most of the small streams close at the end of October anyway so if these are your favorite, better get on them here soon before bidding them adieu for the year.

Puget Sound is flat out awesome right now. Surface flies like the Sound Searcher and Cutty Buddy are outstanding and while targeting cutthroat, these fall coho salmon will take a swipe at them as well so get in the game. Should be easy cruising in the local salt for the next few months. Tides will be less of an issue as sunlight is less intense.

Steelhead...have been some nice steelhead caught in the local rivers like the Skykomish here lately. Like everywhere else the cooler evening temps and the sun going away more quickly each day has brought water temps down and a tiny bit of fresh rain always excites the local Mykiss! If you are a purist, skating some flies on the surface would be a good choice right now. As soon as the weather begins to cool, our entire staff starts itching to get the two handed rods out and on the water.

If traveling to the greater Washington area, we can help so reach out via phone, email or social media and we will get you pointed in the right direction!