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Puget Sound or Nothing

November 01, 2016

Well, we have now surpassed the record for the wettest October in history so for those who like to fly fish, Puget Sound has been about the only option, only easy one anyway. Coincidentally the fishing has been extraordinarily good in our local saltwater too. We think that is a good thing...

Our favorite is fishing various forms of surface flies for cutthroat and coho in the Sound. We use a Sound Searcher which represents an injured baitfish most of the time but also use crease flies, poppers and skaters. These cutts are curious this time of year so nearly anything will work, even a Chernobyl Ant!

Chum salmon have been arriving already and are on the bite in the South Sound. Hoodsport, Kennedy and Chico Creeks as well as any of the river estuaries have been besieged by the incoming fish. It is a bit combat most of the time so be prepared for "other anglers". Chartreuse and a good 8-10wt rod will suffice, just need to elbow yourself into the line enough to make a cast. It isn't bad yet but it will be shortly.

As we move into November, expect similar situations and weather so if you haven't learned how and where to fish Puget Sound, please stop in, we would love to make the introduction.