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Frying Pan

August 24, 2016

Over the last weekend, a group of us went and fished the Frying Pan River. The river is one of the famous tailwaters of Colorado. It also has mysis that come out of Reudi Reservoir which is a bonus when looking for big trout! While we didn't land any this weekend, we definitely spotted them and tried. The first night we saw another angler wrangle one of the big boys in around 9:00 pm with a chocolate RS-2, so it can be done! We had plenty of action on brown trout over the course of two fishing days. Most of the fish seemed to be keying in on emergers just below the surface. The most success came from starting with midges in the morning, then BWOs and PMDs. As day progressed, we messed around with hopper droppers during the middle of the day as well as crippled drakes through the riffles. In the afternoon/evening PMD dries worked and we had some luck as the night fell with olive caddis and streamers. Hint: think small, the smaller nymphs and dries seemed to be more effective in the clear water than anything else.


Rs-2 #20-22

Red two bit hooker #20

Rainbow warrior #18-20

Juju #20

Copper John #18-20

Quasimodo pt - lead nymph #16-#18

Magic fly BWO #20

Bwo emerger #22


PMD Midge BWO and Elk Hair Caddis

Drake Cripples


Use 6x tippit!


Jason - @twinflyfishingdaddy (Instagram)

Body of water

Fish species