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Big Browns on Dries in Connecticut

August 15, 2016

We took an overnight trip this weekend to the Farmington River in Connecticut, mainly because it's about the only place you can trout fish with this heat. The Farmington is a dam controlled tailwater, so the water stays cool enough to fish safely even in the heat of August. The closer to the dam you are, the better, as there is more water and it's still cool from the reservoir. The fishing is best in the morning and the evening, when the water temperatures are in the mid 60s and there are hatches coming off. It gets pretty hot in the afternoon, and you're better off putting down the rod and going for a swim or getting some lunch in town.

All in all we landed and released about 6 or 7 beautiful browns and 2 rainbows, mostly on dry flies. You can be pretty confident that the trout will be taking tricos in the morning, but you never know exactly what's going to hatch in the evening. I didn't have any tricos, so I alternated between a humpy, an elk hair caddis, and a parachute adams all about size 18. Anything seemed to be working alright as long as you got the drift right, so I just picked out whatever fly was looking good in the box.

The biggest brown was about 18 or 19 inches and was caught at last light on Saturday. We attempted to do some mousing at night, but ended up in a big lightning storm. Not the kind of weather you want to be waving around a graphite rod in!

Check out Steve Hogan at Fly Fish the Farmington for the best guide out there!

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