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Recent studies have suggested that there are more then 15,000 fish per mile..Located in the northwest corner of New Mexico, the San Juan River is ...

Morning Risers and Afternoon Rainstorms

August 23, 2016

This week has been a good week on the San Juan River. The rainbow trout are biting. The river is flowing at about 675 cfs. Midge hatches are coming off daily. Come out early, make your way to the river, then be driving back to your room at Fisheads by about 3pm on these rainy monsoon afternoons. Some evenings the clouds break before dark and anglers rush to the Texas Hole and throw streamers or hoppers late in the evening. Small red larvae and chocolate foam wings are working throughout the day. We have been using 9ft 5x leaders to a 6x flourocarbon tippet. Fly patterns are tiny and most effective from a distance due to the spectacular clarity of the water.

Take a moment from your busy day to think about the last time you went and fished. Did you like it? Will you come back? Are the fish worried you will return? Once you realize that it has been to long since your last trip, call us at 505-632-1411 and we will get your fishing adventure started off today. The San Juan River will make you want to come back over and over.

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