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Sailfish on the reef!!!

January 15, 2017

Well its that time of year again in Key West, winter is upon us, this last week we have dropped down to a frigid 60 degrees on more then one occasion. With the winter the ballyhoo move south and wave after wave of ballyhoo move over our reefs to take residence during the winter months. Because of that the reef action heats up dramatically. At this time of year only the sailfish move onto our lower keys reefs to feed on these wintertime delights. Picture this you are approaching a low water coral reef, and in the distance you can see a group of frigates circling and swooping down to the water. As you near you can see the ballyhoo being chased out of the water, and the frigates diving down to get there share. Nearer still you finally see the culprit of this commotion as the long dark shapes emerge from the depth herding and feeding on a large school of ballyhoo. There is nothing more exciting then to see this kind of action going on in 5 to 30 feet of crystal clear water where all action can be seen close up and personal. Unfortunately this is a very short lived run lasting from 2 to 3 weeks. If you are up north right now reading this report you are probably to late. Though our winter fishery is very strong in the keys. So dig yourself a path to the airport or chain up them tires and get on down to Key West for some great fishing, diving, and oh by the way there might be a little drinking and partying on duval street going on also. Give Capt. Conch Charters a call at 305-304-5816 and we will set you up with a memorable fishing adventure. By the way don't forget your long johns. lol

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