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Fly Fishing on a Ski Vacation: Vail, CO

January 22, 2017

It is hard for most people to understand why I would sacrifice my last day on a ski trip in Vail, CO to bundle up and stand in 37 degree river. Given that it had snowed about 3 feet that week, the conditions were epic, still. But the chance for some serenity on the Eagle River with one of my best buds I don't see often was my calling last Monday.

I was happy to trade the lift lines and sore legs for some time on an insane stretch of the Eagle, just a few miles downstream from Vail. We stopped through 3 feet of powder and slid down the river bank like little kids on our way to the river. Our hangovers quickly abated as we reached into the river to land our first fish, a hefty 20 inch bow. Her red cheeks shined bright as she slid back into the frigid water. What an incredible fishery, one of many in the area, offering superb public access to a year round wild trout mecca. Getting into some fish was a bonus, but did not define our time on the river so much as our conversations, which unfortunately happen more by text and email these days. Life is too busy these days; fly fishing has the unintended consequence of slowing us down to a more manageable pace.

I can't thank the good people at Vail Valley Anglers enough for their guidance and for running a friendly fly shop. If you are in the area, please look them up. They have dozens of excellent guides who know the area exceptionally. But more importantly, they are just good people, true stewards of their river system.

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