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Recent studies have suggested that there are more then 15,000 fish per mile..Located in the northwest corner of New Mexico, the San Juan River is ...

Great Big Rainbow Trout

December 19, 2016

The news on the San Juan River is that we have great big rainbow trout waiting to be caught. Using a size 26 black midge will produce more strikes. Using a 22 black midge will produce less strikes but more of the strikes will get to the net as a general rule. The anglers on the Juan for the past several days have noted that the lake has turned over and the water is tinted green. Bring out the orange midges and the bright red annelids. Sometimes using a brightly colored jig on the bottom will bring results when the nymph won't work. The water is flowing at around 350 cfs right now, so wading is fantastic. The long deep runs are producing some of the largest trout though from the boats. The winter fishing is getting better. Tight lines everyone.

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