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July 12, 2017

It’s that time of the year for us, a cooler breeze lands on our shores, bringing the colder temperatures from the Southern Hemisphere, which in turn make our fishing go from average sized Marlin to giant Marlin. The water is getting colder, even though it was still at 82F this weekend. It should continue to drop during the next coming weeks.

For the next 4 months every customer that comes here wants to land “The Big One”. If you consider our history, they have a point, most of the size records in Marlin have been caught in the past during the summer. Usually you get more marlin numbers during our Winter but the sizes of the Marlin during the summer are the ones our Grandpa’s have talked about for years. We are talking 1.000 pounder monsters that we have landed in the past.

Surely, Wahoos and Albacores tag along (typical during this time of the year), and in big numbers. You can land up to 25-30 Wahoos per day while fishing for the Giant Marlin. It’s a bit different than the summer when the ones that tag along are Mahis and Big Eye Tunas, but these guys fight like Marlins. There is a reason why these Barracuda-like species are one of the fastest in the Ocean.

But still, Marlin is the main target for us, as always. But the Giant sizes is what keeps us on our toes during the summer.

Who knows, maybe it could be you landing the Giant Black Marlin and telling stories. I know I would be listening.

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