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Oh It's Summer Baby!

June 06, 2017

When summer is over every year we yearn for cooler weather and water, bigger fish and our spey rods but at the same time we lament the idea it will be 8 long months before we get to be on our local small streams.

Well those 8 months are over and it is time to dust off the 2wt and the glass rods, grab that small box of dry flies, spool of tippet and bottle of floatant and hit the trail. What Washington benefits from like very few other states are all the small streams littering our mountains, there are literally hundreds of them, nearly all filed with beautiful, native trout like this one. These finned participants are awaiting those willing to get out of their car and away from the beaten path in search of solitude and natural beauty.

Come visit the Cascades where you don't have to worry about someone low holing you because nobody else will be there. The journey begins now...

Body of water