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What are the chances!

November 23, 2016

It's not everyday you catch a 25lb thresher shark on a 6wt fly rod!

Here's how it happened.

A couple mates and myself hatched a plan to get out for a sea fish in the Abel Tasman, in the upper South Island of New Zealand, being a fly lover, I couldn't help but chuck in an old fly rod and reel for the trip! After catching a few blue cod from the Boat, I got the lads to drop me off on the rocks so I could have a go at catching a few kahawai (arripis trutta) on the fly rod.

After just a couple of casts I managed hook what I thought was a pretty small kahawai but only 30 seconds into the fight, the fish just took off full speed and I had no chance of stopping it, even though I was using a 60lb leader! I yelled at the lads to come get me and just as I was about to hit the end of the backing I got on the boat and the chance was on! It took 30 minutes of following the fish around before it finally tired, so I got off the boat on a small beach and reeled in what turned out to be a 6ft thresher shark! A simple unreal catch on a fly rod! Turns out that I did hook a small kahawai and the thresher ate the small kahawai whole and in turn became hooked it's self! Chances? I say 1 in a million!

Body of water


Nice! That's some skill on a rig like that!