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Wolf of the Flats

July 14, 2016

Throwback to chasing aggressive Barracuda in the Bahamas!

Check out Shaw Underwood with BullseyeBonefishing based out of Spanish Wells for a great day on the flats pursuing Bahamian Bones and Barracuda.

I used a 10wt. Scott Tidal, Redington Behemoth spooled with Rio Products Tarpon Line, Rio Products 16-20lb. leaders with shock tippet and I added wire bite. I also caught some smaller guys on a 8wt. Sage Motive with a Nautilus FWX.

Flies used:

Needlefish Cuda Fly

Clouser Minnows

Silli-leg Pink Gotchas

.....and when these were all destroyed I threw a couple white/red and flashy Northern Pike flies I had in my box.

Strip fast and these fish will strike with a vengeance and dish out an amazing fight that includes some fantastic aerial showmanship!

On the trip, if I wasn't going for bonefish I couldn't help but cast to these guys! Add the Cuda' to your list of species to pursue on a fly, it's epic!

Body of water

Fish species