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What's a Purpose-Driven Brand?

July 20, 2017

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My company, Emerger Strategies, is bringing sustainability to the fly-fishing industry, and our mission is to build purpose-driven brands that inspire solutions to social and environmental problems.

That said, the first question I am asked when I tell people this is, "What's a purpose-driven brand?" So, I decided to write a blog to better explain.

What's really cool is that there are already purpose-driven brands in the fly-fishing industry, such as Flood Tide Company and Rep Your Water, who are working to minimize their environmental impact while supporting nonprofits that help to further their own missions.

I hope you enjoy reading, and if you would like to see your favorite brands become more purpose-driven, let them know! Also, if you are wondering what you can do as a consumer to drive more brands to become purpose-drive, simply buy their products over comparable products! For example, look for the 1% for the Planet logo, or do a little homework before you buy to see how the company makes its products to discover if their values align with your own.