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Winter Saltwater in the West

December 19, 2016

It is customary for most to believe the cutthroat are in rivers and are mostly unavailable and for those us around here who spend our time on the salt year round realize, this fishing is still quite good this time of year.

So what does this mean? It means tides are a bit tough sometimes with either little movement or giant tides not coinciding well with daylight hours so fly anglers need to know their beaches well.

Flies can be whatever you really have confidence in. At this point, with a staff of 12 guides on the water constantly this time of year, we all throw a smattering of flies in varying sizes, colors and representations and we all seem to have similar success.

Lastly, it is cold and wet much of the time but being made of mostly water, that shouldn't be a problem and this inclement weather keeps the majority of others inside leaving more for those willing to rejoice in it so get outside and take advantage.

As always, please be in touch should you ever have questions, we are happy to help in your success.

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