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Puget Sound Hot and Getting Hotter

February 10, 2017

Those of us who have spent decades chasing sea run cutts on the Sound know it fishing well for most of the year like yesterday when we hooked 7 in less than 2 hours all on the surface. BUT as good as it is currently it is only about to get better as the Chum Fry will begin their migration from the rivers they were born in to the salt waters of the Sound en route to the nutrient rich waters of Alaska.

As these small fry begin to the flood shorelines along the entire Sound, the cutthroat will do their best Nat Geo by voraciously attacking these schools of small baitfish with such aggression they will often leave the water repeatedly in their excitement to gorge.

It is only fair to say this is THE time to continue or begin fly fishing Puget Sound and we would be happy to introduce you to it. Surface flies will work great but have some small Chum Fry imitations in your box as well such as Chum Babies and small clousers.

See you on the Sound soon.

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