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Chalk The Movie

December 22, 2017

After six months of filming 'CHALK - Bedrock of Fly Fishing' is now available to watch online through the Fishing TV platform:

The film focuses on the uniqueness of the chalkstreams of Southern England (and beyond) and the people that live, work on and fish these rivers. We delved into the history of fly fishing, and how the sport was refined and developed on the rivers. We go off the beaten track too, looking at some of the smaller, lesser known rivers that perhaps aren’t on the radar of anglers across the globe.

Chalkstreams, their biology and the industrial heritage of the UK have had so much influence on the sport of fly fishing that we had an abundance of material to showcase. CHALK takes viewers from the ancient history of the landscape, through the development of modern techniques and into the action of fishing a season on the river, including an incredible mayfly hatch. It really is a celebration of these amazing places.

Featuring some of the most recognisable names and faces in the UK fly fishing scene, including Marina Gibson, Alex Jardine, Steve Cullen, Glen Pointon and Charles Rangeley Wilson, as well as anglers from all over the world, CHALK is an insight into how these rivers continue to develop and influence people today.