Jakub Kanok DTD

I fly fish because of its beauty. It makes me feel totally free and connected with nature. It`s probably going to sound cliche but fly fishing ...

Winter Vibes!

September 07, 2017

It`s been warming up lately and everything is coming back to life again! There is plenty of water to be fished over the winter months in lower South Island, so if you feel anxious this would be the best time to get out and get into it again. Smaller lakes which remain open the whole year round would be my place to go. You don`t have to rush as the mornings are still cold and there is not much competition. But on the other hand it`s quite impressive to see how everything changes as the day progresses! Fish are patrolling shallows again looking for food. It`s important to get their attention without spooking them. If you struggle with your presentation, or fish simply follow but never take, here is my advice: Cast well ahead of the moving fish and let the streamer sink all the way to the bottom. Twitch as the fish are about a meter away, your streamer will most likely get smashed straight when the mud swirles and if not, a few strips should do the job. Fish drop offs, across weed beds, along tree logs or any obstacles in the water. Don`t forget the river mouths as there will always be fish lurking around and it`s also a great place to try different techniques and practise casting. Get out, explore, get the fishing going or just go on a walk (don`t forget to bring the rod though, always bring the rod)!