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Bottom fishing

September 06, 2016

Over the weekend I took 2 anglers out to the snapper hole. Seas were flat with great visibility, water temperature was 82 degrees. The current was running south instead of north like it usually does. In the inlet was a guy selling bait so we bought a dozen sardines for $15. In route I wound some bait as well so using Sebeka rigs we put a few more nice baits in the live well. The first spot we tried was in 105 feet of water. We caught a lot of sea bass 2 we were keepers the rest were just short. From there we moved to a spot in 90 feet and caught more sea bass and a few real nice chocolate chip porgies, and a lot of short vermilion snappers. From there we moved south 4 miles at the 100 foot mark and had lots of shorts. We put 2 live baits on top and 2 on the bottom in addition to the bottom fishing rigs. The top rigs were getting hit by remoras, the two live baits on the bottom were just getting chewed up by small fish. The action was constant all day long and by the end of the day we had enough fish for dinner, but not as many keepers as I would have liked to see and the live baits didn’t produce an thing worth while.

Body of water