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July 21, 2016

GIDDY UP! The smaller class "football" tuna are finally showing themselves south of the islands. Last year was an epic bite with fish being caught within 4 miles of shore. That was close enough to get me thinking about heading out on my paddle board.

Schools of halfbeaks are out there, tons of squid around too. Finding the fish can be an exercise in futility, but you're sure to bump into some whales and playful dolphins along the way. Trolling spreader bars helps to cover a lot of ground, which is important. If you hit a school of fish, try throwing weighted hogys/ron-z soft plastics to get just under the bait, so the fish can take notice. Make sure you keep an eye out for Mahi-Mahi around any structure; high-flyers, floating trash, etc. I always throw at the structure before I check it out, but if nothing seems to be home go in for a closer inspection as there can be some neat juvenile fish hiding out. If you have a small net you can usually get a close up look but PLEASE be gentile with our future fish specimen.

Check out this beauty my friend caught yesterday!