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Double Threat Fishing Charters

Miami, FL, United States

Endorsed by 1115 people

Target Fish

Cobia Dolphin Grouper Kingfish Marlin Redfish Sailfish Snapper Snook Tarpon Tuna Wahoo


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Trips & Rates

Full Day Deep Sea

Charter Boat / 9 Hours / Conventional Gear
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  • Featured Fish: Sailfish, Dolphin, Tuna, Marlin, Kingfish, Wahoo, Snapper, Cobia, Grouper
  • 1-6 People $1,150.00

Half Day Deep Sea

Charter Boat / 5 Hours / Conventional Gear
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This charter offers less time on the water but there is still ample opportunity to land the fish of a lifetime on any given trip. During a half day charter we apply a similar philosophy as our full day trip but with time constraints. Half days are typically reserved for 7am-12pm or 1pm-6pm time slots though we can be flexible.

  • 1-6 People $750.00

Night Snook/tarpon On Blue Yonder

Charter Boat / 5 Hours / Conventional Gear
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Inquire for max number of passengers for listed rated.

  • Featured Fish: Snook, Tarpon, Snapper, Grouper
  • 1-6 People $700.00

Full Day Flamingo

Flats Boat / 8 Hours / Conventional Gear
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A full day in Flamingo is an 8 hour trip that offers flexibility like no other. During the course of the day we might sight fish for redfish, work shorelines for snook, and cast to rolling tarpon all in the same trip. Inshore slams are quite common in Flamingo and a full day gives our guides the best bet at capitalizing on the best bites during the course of the entire day.

  • Featured Fish: Redfish, Snook, Tarpon
  • 1-3 People $650.00

Half Day Flamingo

Flats Boat / 5 Hours / Conventional Gear
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A half day trip makes for a shorter but equally enjoyable taste of the Everglades. Nearly every sought after species of backcountry game-fish can be caught within just a few miles of the ramp. This 5 hour trip is still long enough to allow us to employ multiple techniques for your target species, but flexible enough to still leave you time at the end of your day if you have additional plans. We offer both morning and afternoon trips for ease of scheduling, so feel free to let us know when you’d prefer to get out on the water!

  • 1-3 People $500.00


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Endorsed by 1115 people.

Recent Photos

Short but sweet trip this morning #slammer #bullhead #bulldolphin #mahimahi #dorado #headinghome #doublethreatcharters #nofishissafe
Some nice gaffers around today #dolphin #mahimahi #miamifishing #doublethreatcharters #nofishissafe
A few #sailfish around. Good luck to everyone fishing the @dustem_off_sailfish_warmup tomorrow #sailfish #miami #charterfishing #kitefishing #doublethreatcharters #nofishissafe
Lift off for this 30lb #bullhead yesterday #mahi #dolphin #miamifishingcharters #doublethreatcharters #nofishissafe
Got them good up to 30 lbs today #mahimahi #dolphinfish #bulldolphin #miamifishing #doublethreatcharters #nofishissafe
Not a boater in South Florida who this wouldn’t affect. Commissioner Joe Carollo doesn’t care what the city does as long as they get “top dollar for slips.” It’s very clear that the city would rather line their pockets than look out for their boating community which already brings millions in revenue to local businesses and the city on an annual basis. Tell everyone you know and stand by for more information #politics #cityofmiami #joecarollo
Mixed bag today #mahi #kingfish #bonito #muttonsnapper #doublethreatcharters #nofishissafe
Some nice #dolphin to 25 lbs as well as a few #kingfish this morning #miamifishing #mahimahi #doublethreatcharters #nofishissafe
Caught 2 of 3 #sailfish, 4 #kingfish, and some #vermillionsnapper this morning #miamifishing #doublethreatcharters #nofishissafe


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