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Custom-Tied Flies and Guide Service

Chambersburg, PA, United States

Endorsed by 81 people

We offer professional fly-fishing and fly-tying lessons to interested persons at reasonable rates.


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Trips & Rates

Custom-Tied School Of Fly Fishing

Walk/Wade / 4 Hours / Fly Gear
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Private Lessons

Walk/Wade / 4 Hours / Fly Gear
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The information contained in a private lesson is the same that is in the group class, except it is more personal and intimate. The waters vary according to where the client. We have rods and such so there is no need for you to spend money on that. You will need Polarized Sun Glasses, Waders, Wading Shoes, and a Hat. If you don't have waders or wading shoes, don't go buy them either, we will work something out.

Fly Tying Lessons

Walk/Wade / 4 Hours / Fly Gear
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We offer Private fly tying lessons. $120.00 4 hours, minimum

more time available at $30.00 per hour.

Group Fly Tying Lesson

Walk/Wade / 4 Hours / Fly Gear
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$120.00 4 hours, minimum, more time available at $30.00 per hour.

$60.00 per additional tyer Limit 7 additional tyers for a total of 8 tyers.

Policies & Additional Info

The very first and probably most important thing to remember to do is relax and have fun. This is a lazy man's sport, the harder you work, the less you get done. Just relax and go with it.

If you have gear of your own, you are welcome to bring it. Don't go out an buy any, though. We have rods and such that you can try and learn with and we can teach you what is the correct thing to purchase before you go spending any money.


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Endorsed by 81 people.

Recent Photos

Sharon and I went to Oak Island, NC this morning. After finding out the hard way that Caswell Beach was closed, we stumbled upon a beach access with free parking. 
I was pitching a couple of bugs that I had dreamed up when I ran into this guy. He took a banana fly (yellow buck tail, yellow marabou, some gold flash, and brown buck tail on the cheeks)  
This juvenile, or puppy, Red Drum, is about 18 in and about 4 lbs. It is my first fish in the salt.  -Customtyer
This is the Custom-Tied Hat Fly on the brim of my hat. They come in all sorts of colors. If you have a special color that you want, just email me at
They can also be found locally at Heart of Carolina in the Cotton Exchange and Port City Outdoors in Leland.  Please like and share this so I can get more folks to buy my products.
When we think of frogs in fishing we normally think of Bass eating them.  Here's something we hardly ever consider, Trout like to eat frogs, too.
Catfish taken at Windsor Pond on a Damsel Fly Nymph.  This is the first cat I've ever taken on a fly rod, 36 years I've been pitching bugs.
Large Mouth Bass Fry taken 5 Oct 17 at Windsor  Pond on a generic wet fly, stripped very quickly.
2+ pound Blue Gill taken at Ashand street pond in Windsor Park, NC.16 Sep 2017
This is me tying at the Church Picnic in June.


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