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Craig, MT, United States

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Conquer the Missouri River with a fly rod


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Endorsed by 1496 people.

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Maybe not a fishing buddy quite yet....but, with mentoring, it will happen.
From the Source

I love the Missouri!!! Fishing was good today. The sun in the afternoon makes the bite kinda weird. It’s still good fishing. But you have to know where they are. Not on the outside banks. Every drop is where you need to be. Some of the runs we are fishing are 50yds long. But, that’s where they live. A few fish up in the cloud cover. The afternoon killed the rising fish. Same bugs. #6 red or orange worm, #12 Amex, # 16 “old school firebead”. I saw the comments on the last post. Firebeads may not be old school. But, any fly designed by Jim McFadyean is a classic, deadly fly. 6ft from bobber to 1 bb. The dry fly of the season so far is the cluster midge. When you find one, you find a bunch. Never leave fish to find fish.
From the Source

Really good fishing greets you on the river.  Adapt to the changing conditions and smile like this guy.  Once you hit Cell Phone Bluff; AKA Lone Tree Fishing Access Site, fishing stops.  Little Prickly Pear blew out.  Ironically, so did Rock Creek (above the Orvis House).  No worries.  Head up to the Dam, break out the Red or Orange Wire Worm and let it do it's magic.  Or, an old school #16 Soft Hackle Fire Bead (invented by Jim McFadyean) works the same magic.  Late afternoon brings out the midges.  Dry fly enthusiasts get them on top in the slow water.  Forget about the river below the Dearborn for now.  Clear water brings exceptional results. Fishing was great!  Yep, we said that.
1000 words - all of them good.  The Missouri River shines now and all summer long.
The things you do for love.......First trip of the year, coming up.  Now, how do I launch it?


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