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Blue Ribbon Flies

West Yellowstone, MT, United States

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Passionate about fly fishing, fly tying, customers service, and conservation for over 30 years....period.


305 Canyon Street, West Yellowstone, MT, United States
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Endorsed by 4422 people.

Recent Photos

The Pursuit Of Clarity

—John Juracek
BRF guide, Tom Cornell with a nice Madison River rainbow trout that fell for a flying ant pattern.  Patrick and Tommy took to the Madison from Lyons to Windy Point last night for a little personal fishing. 😀🎣The river fished well with ants being the top producing pattern.  Water temps were cool allowing fish to feed on top well, however, the smoke is making for some tough glare at times.  Sitting down and fishing the flies closer to the boat helped.  Good luck with your Monday gang!  #blueribbonflies #dryfly #madisonriver #montana #catchandrelease #barbless #trout #bigsky #fishwiththebest
Cutthroat Trout have a reputation for not being the brightest trout we seek with a fly.  They have even been called dumb!  Cutthroat do seem easy at times; however, during August when the water is low and slow, cutthroat can leave you scratching your head as you get refused time, and time again.  Typically we would just change flies. Maybe even add some thinner tippet.  Both options will work sooner or later.  Knowing that I may run into this situation on my horse trip on Slough Creek, I tied some special flies for my anglers.  To be more specific, I tied frog flies.  Not many folks use a frog pattern for trout, but when one does, they are often rewarded  for their creative thinking. I’ve been playing with a few ideas over the past few years, and I think I’m getting close to calling it good.  This pattern might not ever make it to the bins at the shop, but I’ll eventually work up video to show you how to tie them.  Regardless, don’t overlook less popular options when fishing. Even with rainbows and browns, break the routine, break the pattern they see and try something different. You might just surprise yourself, and the trout you are seeking. I need to come up with a name for this pattern.  What would you name it?!  Oh, by the way, it works.  😎#blueribbonflies #dryfly #flyfishing #barbless #catchandrelease #trout #yellowstone #frog #flytying #thinkoutsidethebox #fishwiththebest
One more from a clear sky up in 3rd meadow of Slough Creek.                                The  adventure always start the night before;  excitement for the day ahead is simply too much to handle, so we find ourselves dancing around the fire like we are characters in the book, Where the Wild Things Are.  Photo - Pat Daigle #blueribbonflies #flyfishing #yellowstonenationalpark #yellowstone #getoutside #backcountry #milkyway #campfire #fishwiththebest
For one night the smoke cleared.  Third meadow of Slough Creek. Photo - Pat Daigle  #blueribbonflies #bigsky #bigskycountry #yellowstonenationalpark #getoutside #milkyway #stars #backcountry #fishwiththebest
It was so hot yesterday in the valley, even this guy was looking for shade!  Thankfully, we should see the temperature fall back into the 80’s for the foreseeable future.   Please fight, and handle any caught fish as briefly as possible ALWAYS!  Especially when it’s hot.  Pinched barbs help tremendously when it comes to letting fish go quickly, and effectively.  Thanks gang, hopefully you’re enjoying your weekend.  🎣  Photo - Pat Daigle #blueribbonflies #grasshopper #flyfishing #terrestrial #montana #getoutside #dryfly #bigtrout #trout #yellowstone #fishwiththebest
Monochamus clamator, otherwise known as the Longhorn Beetle or Sawyer Beetle, are out in force right now.  Carry a good imitation and you will be rewarded.  This time of year, most of the river born insects have wrapped up their business making terrestrials the most abundant option. As you would expect, ants and hoppers are really starting to get more attention with each passing day as their activity levels also continue to increase.  Keep an eye to the green grassy banks for those hoppers, or an eye to the sky for columns of airborne ants.  Explosive rise forms in the afternoon will also be a good indicator for the ants.   We hope you are enjoying your weekend. Best of luck to you if you are heading to the water!!  🎣🐜😀 #blueribbonflies #longhornbeetle #flyfishing #beetle #montana #yellowstone #terrestrial #dryfly #trout
If you have the stones to wear awesome pants like these, you deserve to be rewarded handsomely. 😀  Ryan Welsh and BRF guide, Tom Cornell set out in the “Wall E Banger” to scout out gulpers on Hebgen recenly.  The day did not disappoint either angler. Using dry flies that Ryan tied, and casting them from his handmade fiberglass rod, both Ryan and Tommy scored some great fish together!  Check out this sweet Hebgen brown that fell for his caddis!!  Ryan has a strong devotion to fishing dries with his homemade rods, and we couldn’t be happier for both Ryan and Tommy. 👍🏻👊🏻. Now, if you are like @whitefished and you can’t live without these most awesome pants, rumor has it @trouthunterlodge can hook you up!  😀   The weekend is here folks, we hope you get out on the water!!  #blueribbonflies #browntrout #flyfishing #dryfly #fiberglass #montana #thosepants #fishwiththebest
Longhorn beetles have been given a permanent residency in our fly bins at Blue Ribbon Flies. August is the month when terrestrial fishing in the greater Yellowstone region truly begins.  Whether you are on the Madison River fishing for browns and rainbows , or you’re fishing the NE corner of YNP for cutthroat trout, BRF’s Longhorn Beetle is a must have for this time of year.  These great flies can be ordered online or you can pick up a few in person at the shop!  Photo - Pat Daigle #blueribbonflies #flytying #flyfishing #beetle #yellowstonenationalpark #yellowstone #terrestrial #dryfly #trout #foam #fishwiththebest
Time and time again, Yellowstone National Park  offers up some real beautiful moments.  Sharing these moments with family is just plain priceless.  Pictured here is long time BRF customer, Dylan Tomine along with his kiddos, Weston and Skyla pose with the reward of their efforts. 😀  Congratulations guys!  Great job!  👍🏻👊🏻  If you are heading off on an adventure of your own in Yellowstone country, be sure to give us a call or swing by the shop for up to date intel,  we would love to help you maximize your opportunities.  🎣 #blueribbonflies #yellowstonenationalpark #cutthroattrout #flyfishing #backcountry #bigsky #montana #fishwiththebest
Success on the Madison

—John Juracek


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