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The Angler's Edge

Gardnerville, NV, United States

Endorsed by 1876 people

Established in 1994, The Angler's Edge is proud to service the local and visiting fly fishers of the Eastern Sierra. We've grown up with the area and it's fisheries. Owned and staffed by avid fly fishers, our intimate knowledge of what's fishing well & when can save you frustrating hours on the water and get you into fish as soon as possible.

Known far and wide for friendly and welcoming customer service. We invite you to come see us for all your fly fishing needs or just to shoot the breeze. Our friendly knowledgeable staff strives to make every customer feel like a regular customer.


1489 U.S. Hwy 395 N, Gardnerville, NV, United States
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Trips & Rates

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Half Day Guide Trip

Walk/Wade / 4 Hours / Fly Gear
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  • 1-2 People $250.00

Full Day Guide Trip

Walk/Wade / 8 Hours / Fly Gear
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  • 1 People $350.00
  • 2 People $400.00

Policies & Additional Info


Your Guide Trip will require moderate physical exertion which you should be prepared for. Activities such as walking on un-even ground sometimes for distances, walking on wet and slippery rocks, exposure to direct sunlight and or inclement weather. Some items you should bring along to make your outing more comfortable are listed below.


Polarized Sunglasses

Wading Boots (with felt or sticky sole)

Lot's of water and a way to carry it

Waders (during winter, spring & fall)


Rain Jacket

Valid Fishing License

Leaders & Tippet Material


Did We Mention Lot's Of Drinking Water And A Way To Carry It?


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Endorsed by 1876 people.

Recent Photos

Fly Casting will be held on Sunday August 6th at the Evelyn Mount Senior Center on Valley Road in Reno.  Competition is scheduled to start at 9 am.  Arrive early for check in at the center’s front desk.  We are inside the gym so wear soft soled shoes.
   Participants must be 50 years of age or older.  There are separate divisions for men and women.  With, gold, silver and bronze medals awarded for each five year age increment.
   A complete list of dates and times for all events plus registration informationcan be found at ‘Reno Senior Games’.
There are three separate casting events and the $10 entry fee includes all three.
1)  Casting Golf  -  It’s based on regular golf.  Hit the targets (hula hoops) with   the fewest casts possible.  One point is totaled for each cast needed, with    a maximum of five points for each target.  Lowest total score wins.
2)  Distance Casting  -  Five casts are made for distance.  The longest cast will   be measured to determined participants score.  Longest cast wins.
3)  Speed Casting  -  This is a timed event.  Five targets are set on the ground.   Hit each of the targets in the shortest amount of time.  Quickest time wins.
   Three weight rods will be utilized for all casting and will be provided.  Please do not bring your own personal rod.
Competitors are welcome to arrive early to practice.  Also, instruction and assistance will be available for those who have never cast before or who have limited experience.

For additional information contact Bill Hammons  -  887-1027
Anyone lose a fly setup this weekend?
I've been a good little fly shop owner/partner... drawing maps, watching flows, keeping up with hatches, tying flies, bookkeeping, vacuuming, makin' coffee...
I need to get these Korker Women's Darkhorses with Boa Laces WET!!!!
Korkers Footwear
Stocking this week for Mason Valley

Doing this on a tablet, and cant make a 'note' as i normally do on the if there's screw ups, I'm going to blame the technology!

WEST CARSON - Will be stocked next week again, it's still very fishable, flows have dropped dramatically.   Little yellow sally was a great fly to toss.  Water is down enough that the pocket water flowing down the canyon is now safe and easier to reach.

EAST CARSON MARKLEEVILLE:   flows again are dropping rapidly.  Alpine County will stock next week and then every week for about 4 weeks after that!  They've been holding off the stockings due to flows, and they'll be making up for it in 4 weeks.

CATCH AND RELEASE BELOW HANGMAN'S BRIDGE:  dropping flows, not easy crossing, but pick your side and start using stones, PT's,  hares ears, princes and if you can present a size 12 hopper to some of the slower water, do!  We're hearing of some rattlers, so watch your step!

EAST CARSON NEVADA:  stocked by NDOW yesterday with Browns and rainbows.   Water levels are still slightly heavy, just watch your steps.  This area also had report of rattlers about 2 weeks ago. 

PLEASANT VALLEY CREEK: officially opens tomorrow.   Water is gorgeous.  It is booked almost all of next week.  The Preserve is booking only 5 rods per day out there.  Call the shop  775-781-7112 to book your day out there.

WEST WALKER - CA the canyon area flows are dropping ( no more heavy mocha latte) and Mono county has stocked in 4 different places earlier this week.   Bunker buster rig, with a bugger on top and a little stone or caddis pupa or prince.  If you insist on dry fly, throw to the softer water.

WEST WALKER WILSON CANYON  flows have dropped dramatically in the last 5 days.  NDOW will most likely stock it next week.

EAST WALKER CA flows have dropped off of 1,300 cfs down the 600 cfs.  This is fishable and some have had nice days.  Flows are too high to cross, pick your side, stay on it and watch for cut banks.  I'd be throwing some heavy streamers and make them wack and want it!  Trico hatch coming get off in the morning, early.. a few sips here and there

EAST WALKER NEVADA C & R: flows are 600 cfs with the addition of Sweetwater creek at the south end of Rosaschi Ranch.  Water is clear, weed beds that were crap for the last 3 years are cleaned out.  Snakes reported down stream from the blackwall at cattle guard entrance.  Hoppers are out, damsels and of course, the go to San Juan does very well.

ELBOW SECTION:  was stocked by NDOW this week.

BURNSIDE: not as of yet stocked, it fished pretty horribly during a creel survey done last week.

TRUCKEE  flows are great, water temps are great (for trout) .  Stones, sallies,  zuddlers, minnow patterns...  hoppers are out, there's a small pmd hatch on a few sections, so a hares hear, rainbow warrior

Okay, the tips of my fingers are numbing from hen pecking on this tablet!
Give us call for more info on other waters.
Have are wonderful time..
Stocking report from Mason Valley, NDOW:
It's been a pretty long time since fish were stocked in the East Carson! 
So remember to have your NV license with a trout stamp.
Take is per day is 5 fish, and a possession limit of 5 fish (meaning: you have 5 in freezer, you don't fish, not even C &R !)
The 1st Discovery On The Fly  has been completed!
Will be in the shop about 11 am tomorrow 
Tomorrow is the last day of the 6 week instruction of 6 very nice young men from China Springs youth Camp, that we, along with volunteers from High Sierra Fly Casters and the Carson City Fly Fishers have guided them into the world of fly fishing.
Tomorrow a surprise for them, no longer at Mitch pond, no longer in the shops' classroom.  Tomorrow it's time to put to use the skills they've been taught by experts, and venture to a private pond with very, very large trout!  Tomorrow the test for we instructors, Tomorrow an opening into the curtain of a lifetime of peace and exploration for these young gentlemen.
Richard Thiel visiting the shop.  Good luck at Crowley!!


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