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The Angler's Edge

Gardnerville, NV, United States

Endorsed by 1960 people

Established in 1994, The Angler's Edge is proud to service the local and visiting fly fishers of the Eastern Sierra. We've grown up with the area and it's fisheries. Owned and staffed by avid fly fishers, our intimate knowledge of what's fishing well & when can save you frustrating hours on the water and get you into fish as soon as possible.

Known far and wide for friendly and welcoming customer service. We invite you to come see us for all your fly fishing needs or just to shoot the breeze. Our friendly knowledgeable staff strives to make every customer feel like a regular customer.


1489 U.S. Hwy 395 N, Gardnerville, NV, United States
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Trips & Rates

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Half Day Guide Trip

Walk/Wade / 4 Hours / Fly Gear
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  • 1-2 People $250.00

Full Day Guide Trip

Walk/Wade / 8 Hours / Fly Gear
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  • 1 People $350.00
  • 2 People $400.00

Policies & Additional Info


Your Guide Trip will require moderate physical exertion which you should be prepared for. Activities such as walking on un-even ground sometimes for distances, walking on wet and slippery rocks, exposure to direct sunlight and or inclement weather. Some items you should bring along to make your outing more comfortable are listed below.


Polarized Sunglasses

Wading Boots (with felt or sticky sole)

Lot's of water and a way to carry it

Waders (during winter, spring & fall)


Rain Jacket

Valid Fishing License

Leaders & Tippet Material


Did We Mention Lot's Of Drinking Water And A Way To Carry It?


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Endorsed by 1960 people.

Recent Photos

SPOONER LAKE was stocked yesterday with rainbows and Tiger Trout
(pic courtesy of NDOW
More info on the Flood Warning in the Walker Basin Nevada and California   CAMPERS BEWARE
Okay, I have to confess... there are tiny sparkles on my hands...  kind of stinky smelling....  nothing caught ... but she was the one fishing ... maybe jigging might be best next time with the amount of movement this kid generates
My kind of ‘tractor’
Got your attention?
Carson Valley Days Parade is going on tomorrow.. where they will close the highway in front of the shop and there will be firetrucks and tractors, and boy and Girl Scouts and tractors and horses and tractors...
So... we’re closed tomorrow...
Concerning the recent DFW proposed regulation changes.  More to follow tomorrow.  
From Chris Leonard:
Don't you like how FB almost triple-dog-dares you to post because you haven't posted in awhile?  Didn't I just 3 days ago???  OMG the earth will stop turning if I don't post!!!!!
I'll take the dare!!
Rivers are flowing hard.. like holy crap on a cracker... high.  East Walker was our only choice, and they are creeping those numbers up... today pushed another 60 cfs on us... about 130 cfs higher than average.
We will have high flows through mid July due to snow pack..  I know, the suffering is real.
Our choices right now are stillwater...  Indian creek res, Spooner, Bridgport, Twin Lakes, Hinkson (Mason Valley) , and soon Hobart (If that gate ever gets opened) , Frenchman's, Stampede, Boca, Prosser Reservoirs.
Another thing, take a few mornings or evenings and go over to one of the local ponds (hint: stillwater nymph in orange has been doing well) take the time and tune up that cast... Need some help? Swing by the shop, we can help you tune it up, maybe just by talking you through an arm position or by an actual casting tuneup on the water.
Remember that DEET.. those nasty bugs are out in full force!
Borrowed from another page... not often when a meme makes me spew Mt. Dew through my nose....
Another little FYI.. We have Discovery on the Fly going on right now, so for the next 3 Wednesday (today, 6/5 &6/12) afternoons we are closed at 2:15.
On June 19th we will be closed for the participants' graduation!!
Thanks all for understanding!
Just an FYI... California FREE Fishing Days for 2019 are Saturday, July 6 and Saturday, August 31
Nevada FREE fishing day is June 8th 
All fishing laws and limits must be followed.


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