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Rob Snowhite Fly Fishing Consultant

Alexandria, VA, U.S.A.

Endorsed by 617 people

Providing expert knowledge and advice to fly fishermen in Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., and beyond. Rob offers guided trips in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. He is your personal trainer, coach, or angling tutor, specializing in urban and suburban fly fishing for warm water species. More than just a guide!


4508 Hazeltine Ct. #d, Alexandria, VA, U.S.A.
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Trips & Rates

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Quarter Day

Drift Boat / 2 Hours / Fly Gear
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  • 1-6 People $80.00/per

Half Day

Drift Boat / 4 Hours / Fly Gear
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  • 1-6 People $160.00/per

Full Day Trip

Drift Boat / 8 Hours / Fly Gear
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Includes lunch. Please inform of any food allergies or aversions.

  • 1 People $320.00
  • 2 People $480.00
  • 3 People $640.00

Fly Tying Instruction

Walk/Wade / 1 Hours / Fly Gear
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$30 per person per hour. All materials and tools provided

Includes use of tools and tying materials. You get to keep all the flies.

  • 1-6 People $30.00/per

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Endorsed by 617 people.

Recent Photos

Regular maintenance of my gear makes it last. I didn’t tighten these on before a long trip and lost a few studs. You can replace them with the ones you find on shore from other boots. Be sure to regularly tighten the studs on your @korkersfootwear
Playing around with mop eggs. Size 14 Daiichi 1130. #eggfly #orangeegg #eggpattern #mopfly #mopflyegg #globug @regal_vise
First day of November has me thinking about steelhead. Just finished this box of flash back pheasant tails. Ran out of black beads. I have silver and gold in every size but no black.
Favorite steelhead fly. First one in nearly a year. Need to tighten up the copper wraps for humans, not fish. 

Flash back - soft hackle pheasant tail.
Low light bite. #crepuscular #diurnal #clouserminnow #stripersonthefly #stripedbassfishing #rockfish #moronidae #glossa #bassthumb #swingingflies #crashingbait #babyshad #matchthehatch
Less light more fish. Tides higher than normal and slow to depart. Size 4 Clouser. #swingingflies #twohandedcasting #deercreekswitch #clouserminnow #skagitcasting #switchrod
Fall fishing hasn’t turned on yet. Maybe lousy tides, high water, or I didn’t eat enough fried chicken and biscuits this morning. One other fish was landed by conventional casters today. Got a trump fly by. snowhitedamsel #clouserminnow #swingingflies #bassfishing #stripedbass #stripedbassfishing #flyfishingaddict #flyfishingguide #marineone
Another absolute favorite fly for swinging for stripers this time of year. Calf tail Clouser. Nearly indestructible. Calf tail is one of the materials I never purchase with out examining. Long, thin, straight fibers. 

- Size 6 #7021 @flyshack #saberhook
- @harelinedubbin dumbbell eyes
- &Solarez bone dry 
- Bright pink and yellow calf tail picked up @theflyfishingshow #regalvise @regal_vise #solarezworldtour
Egret and osprey with fall foliage from today.
Whose gonna tie an armadillo fly? Came across this on the internets today.
It’s amazing how busy I get when the weather clears. Five guides trips this weekend. Filling boxes with “guide flies” a term I despise. 

These Pat Cohen scissors given to me by Sam Looper are fantastic. They don’t have the feel of most scissors. These feel like a tool made to work when in my hand.
@tidalpotomacflyrodders #beertie for Cubs day.


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