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Rob Snowhite Fly Fishing Consultant

Alexandria, VA, U.S.A.

Endorsed by 617 people

Providing expert knowledge and advice to fly fishermen in Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., and beyond. Rob offers guided trips in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. He is your personal trainer, coach, or angling tutor, specializing in urban and suburban fly fishing for warm water species. More than just a guide!


4508 Hazeltine Ct. #d, Alexandria, VA, U.S.A.
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Trips & Rates

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Quarter Day

Drift Boat / 2 Hours / Fly Gear
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  • 1-6 People $80.00/per

Half Day

Drift Boat / 4 Hours / Fly Gear
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  • 1-6 People $160.00/per

Full Day Trip

Drift Boat / 8 Hours / Fly Gear
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Includes lunch. Please inform of any food allergies or aversions.

  • 1 People $320.00
  • 2 People $480.00
  • 3 People $640.00

Fly Tying Instruction

Walk/Wade / 1 Hours / Fly Gear
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$30 per person per hour. All materials and tools provided

Includes use of tools and tying materials. You get to keep all the flies.

  • 1-6 People $30.00/per

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Endorsed by 617 people.

Recent Photos

The @vaflyfishingfestival is OPEN despite snow. @southerncultureonthefly has a baby Sasquatch at their booth. #vaflyfishingfestival
Stop by my booth at this weekend’s @vaflyfishingfestival to see my new patterns. This is part of the Hula Girl series. The love child of a Squidro x Reaper. This is the tailless version in bluegill. @joe_wallen @harelinedubbin #bluegill #bluegillfly #bassfly #basslure #bassbait #shortskirts #hulagirl #squidro #bluegillimitation #vaflyfishingfestival
New episode available. Mentoring Foster Children Through Fly Fishing.
This not-for profit organization builds relationships with children in foster care through fly fishing and introduces them to their local water ecosystems, with a hope that connecting them to a rewarding hobby will provide an opportunity for foster children to have fun, feel supported, and develop a meaningful connection with the outdoors.  Use Promo Code SB-TMP75 @sarabellafishing 
Produced by @reifer350 @tfo_rick @andrealarko @fishionista @cortlandline @fishpondusa @jessicacallihanflyfishing @roseriverfarm #flyfishingpodcast #fostercare #fosterparents #fostertoadopt #fostercareadoption #fosterkids #flyfishing #notforprofit #themayflyproject #mayflies #mayfly
@vaflyfishingfestival this weekend. Please stop by my booth and say hi. I will be tying flies and podcasting throughout the weekend. #vaflyfishingfestival #vaflyfishingandwinefestival @redfish22
Many thanks to Tony at River Road Creations for making a custom cutter for me to cut foam for my Scorpion Bug. Tony woke with me via phone and e-mail. He created and shaped the blade and had a custom wood handle made. Within a week of contacting I received my cutter. Clean cuts from now on. The #snowhitescorpion is my favorite top water big for bass. Easy to tie now made easier! #flytyingaddict #foamcutter #bassbug #bassslider #bassfly #bassfishing
Now available:  @mckinnie_fly_fishing talks about life as a fishing guide in Montana. #montana #flyfishmontana #montanalife #montanagram #rockymountainoysters #fishingmontana #troutfishing #fishingpodcast #bigskymontana #bigsky #flyfishingguide #castinginstructor #crazyelk
Favorite fish of the year. Clients insisted on fishing in a cold downpour all day. Wind made rowing exhausting. A few inches of rain flooded everything on the boat deck. No sign of fish all day and they kept casting. We found this lmb along a flooded shore in pickerelweeds. The fish towed four of us around until R pulled it out from under and I netted. #bestfish #largemouthbass #bassfishing #bassnation #largemouthbassfishing #flyfishing #fishingguide #stealthcraftboats #personalbestfish #floodfishing #wakeoftheflood #driftboat #coldandwet #forrestgumprain #miserablefishingweather #merrynewyear #beefjerkytime
Hope you get to fish over the holidays. I’m going to tie shad flies for the upcoming Virginia show instead of fishing.


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