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Flaming Gorge Resort

Dutch John, UT, United States

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Flaming Gorge Resort offers the best options for Lodging and Accommodations around Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Green River Fly Fishing, Fly Fishing Guides.


1100 Flaming Gorge Meadows, Dutch John, UT, United States
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Endorsed by 11947 people.

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Green River rafting trips are a great way to spend a Summer day. Luckily for you, we have you covered with the areas largest supply of rafts. 

Book your rafting trip by calling 435-889-3773
That little piece of Heaven known as Flaming Gorge!
The following is the second in a series of updates intended to inform the public and stakeholders on issues related to the operation of Flaming Gorge Dam over the runoff period.
As in the past, Reclamation is currently involved in the cooperative experimental Larval Trigger Study Program (LTSP) which uses indicators of emergent endangered larval razorback sucker to “trigger” an increase in releases from Flaming Gorge Dam.
The State of Utah - Division of Wildlife Resources and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) have been actively placing light traps in the middle Green River to detect the presence of larval razorback sucker.  These entities informed Reclamation of larval presence on the morning of Friday, May 18, 2018. As a result, 

Reclamation will be increasing releases from Flaming Gorge Dam, effective Monday, May 21, 2018 in an effort to entrain larvae in backwaters where they will have a better chance of survival.
The Colorado River Basin Forecast Center (CBRFC) has published the May version of their runoff forecast for both Flaming Gorge Reservoir and the Yampa River. In the April through July period Flaming Gorge Reservoir is expected to receive 1,000,000 acre-feet (102% of average) while the Yampa River is expected to receive 841,000 acre-feet (66% of average), which is relatively dry compared to average. Flaming Gorge will be operating under the moderately dry hydrologic classification outlined in the 2005 Final Environmental Impact Statement.

How much water is Flaming Gorge going to release?
Reclamation determines the flow rate to be released from Flaming Gorge Dam in part by considering how much flow that the unregulated Yampa River is expected to contribute to the middle Green River. The combination of flow from Flaming Gorge Dam and the Yampa River (along with other intermittent streams) must meet or exceed downstream flow targets through the middle Green River.
The CBRFC 10-day projection for the Yampa River at the Deerlodge gage (see figure below) indicates that the runoff peak in the Yampa River likely occurred on Sunday, May 13, 2018. Flows in the Yampa River are currently projected to slowly decrease over the remainder of May, possibly reaching 3,500 cfs in the first week of June.
Reclamation will be evaluating the appropriate level of releases from Flaming Gorge Dam on an ongoing basis to achieve the goals of LTSP. Reclamation is currently planning to release at powerplant capacity (-4,600 cfs) through the end of the first week of June, but may utilize bypass flows if the unregulated Yampa River does not contribute what is needed to meet the targeted goals for entrainment of the larval razorback sucker. 

Reclamation will provide a one-day notice in the event that releases are expected to go above power plant capacity.
The following figure is provided as additional information on projected flows on the middle Green River which can be approximated by viewing the CBRFC 10-day projection for the Green River at Jensen, Utah. Please note that this projection includes the current release schedule from Flaming Gorge Dam, which may change over time.

Please stay tuned for further Flaming Gorge Updates and refer to the following sites for other information related to Flaming Gorge Dam operations:
Current status:
Reservoir data:
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Back where it all began 13 years ago. 

July 7, 2018 is where it all happens again!
Green River Fishing Report for the Week Ending 


NYMPHING: As we are approaching the middle of May 

and with the warmer weather The hatches of BWO's are 

decreasing but still are a solid choice to fish along 

with the ever present midges. Zebra midges in Brown 

and black along with purple and occasionally red are 

still very effective. Split case BWO's along with BH 

soft hackles and regular soft hackles continue to do 

well along with frenchies, rs2's,pheasant tails and 

scud patterns. There are areas on the river with some 

caddis activity. It is spotty but worth considering 

putting a caddis pupa in tandem with your midge or BWO 

patterns. Always adjust your depth and weights of 

your rig to match the depth of the water you are 

fishing and if you can tell, the depth the fish are 


DRY FLIES: Dry fly fishing to fish taking midges and 

Bwo's still has been inconsistant at best. you can still 

target some fish in the slower back eddies but it can 

sometimes take a lot of experimenting to decipher what 

exactly the fish are eating, but can also be quite 

rewarding. The good news for all you dry fly 

enthusiasts is that the cicadas are starting to be seen 

and heard along the river coinciding with the warm 

weather we have had this last week or so. If the warm 

weather continues expect the cicada action to only get 

better and better. It can be advisable to fish a dropper 

along with your cicada pattern until the fish start 

taking the dry fly consistently. Carl's cicada, grizzly 

cicada, black para X, along with a host of other 

effective patterns are available in our shop. stop by 

we're open everyday from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm.

STREAMERS: always keep in mind that streamer fishing 

although not the most productive technique right now 

can always produce fish on the Green if you are 


Come out to the Green and Tight Lines!

Flows during the day have been starting out at around 1100 

CFS and been rising to around 2300 at 9:30 or 10:00. They rise 

again around 5:00 to 2800 CFS. If you are fishing the B section 

you don't see the water coming up till 1:00 or so. The flushing 

flows are tentatively scheduled for around the 24-27th of May 

with flows of 4500 CFS for a period of 7 days to two weeks. 

These flows are tentative and are based on the latest 

information we have been told and can change at any time.


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