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MaXXed Out Guides

Dawson, MN, United States

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We are one of the midwest’s elite canada goose, snow goose and duck hunting guide services guiding in MN, SD & KS from Aug-Apr


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Endorsed by 34966 people.

Recent Photos

A great mixed bag traffic shoot this morning!
A 4 man limit of Kansas honks in the winter wheat for our Texas group! 

No full bodies.. no problem.

#divebombindustries #comehuntwithMaxxedOut
A fun first night back at!
We're back in Kansas taking lives!

Have you ever seen anything like it?   

Our spring snow goose hunts are right around the corner and we'd love to have you in the field with us this year.  

The spring snow goose migration is spectacle that all water fowlers should witness.   

Our hunts are
You need more of this in your life! 

Openings for 2-3 hunters at our Kansas lodge Jan 24-26 & Jan 27-29

$1125 - 3 days hunt and lodging.

Our favorite type of Christmas wreath.  

From our team to your family we are wishing you all a very merry Christmas!
2016 was a great year for us and we ended it with a BANG! We finished 500 ducks right in the hole and our hunters cleaned house with a 13 mallard rain out! 

#comehuntwithMaxxedOut #coonasson3
Another Kansas #feetdownbeatdown for this Louisiana crew!


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