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MaXXed Out Guides

Dawson, MN, United States

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We are one of the midwest’s elite canada goose, snow goose and duck hunting guide services guiding in MN, SD & KS from Aug-Apr


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Endorsed by 35982 people.

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Our spreads can be pretty large in the spring.  We had a single sit down in the spread out of range of our clients and sent one of the clients out to take care of him.  Unfortunately he's still flying...

Photo Credit: Jon Phillips 

Lots of molt migrators rolling through MN right now.  Can't wait for them to come back in September!

Are you ready?  

Come join us this season for the thrill of field hunting mallards and canada geese as we chase the migration from October through February in MN, SD & KS.

Our guided hunts are turn-key hunts meaning we provide all the gear, do all the scouting & set all the decoys and blinds.  Your group simply needs to show up with guns, license, ammo, a good attitude and a willing trigger finger for when your guide says
Haha my boys know the struggle is real!
You need more of this in your life!

Extend your hunting season and join us in Western MN next September, October or November for giant canada geese, ducks and pheasants!  

Our guided waterfowl hunts are Turn-Key hunts meaning we provide all the equipment, set all the decoys and do all the work.  Your group simply needs to show up ready to squeeze the trigger when we say 'KILL 'EM'!

We offer three and five day hunt packages that include lodging at our fully furnished 9 bedroom lodge with full kitchen, grill, flat screens (with dish so you can catch the big game) , WIFI & more!

3 day hunt packages start at $750 for 3 days hunting and 3 nights lodging!

For more information on our hunts, rates, reviews, lodging and more visit us at:

Or call or email Graham at 651.335.0780 or

We look forward to spending some time in the field with you next fall!

And one last #feetdownbeatdown to wrap up 2016-2017 guiding season.  Over the last seven months we have guided thousands of hunters from all across the country and world in Minnesota South Dakota and Kansas. 

Just as it always is when you're chasing wild birds, there were some days the hunting was excellent and some days the hunting was downright terrible and everything in between.   We have always said we are never able to control the weather or the Birds we are able to control our attitudes our effort and I can say without a doubt we gave 100%to each and every hunt and each and every hunter who chose to invest their time with us.   

 We're off the clock until September. When we start back up we will begin year 10 of professional waterfowl guiding and we are committed, as we are every year, to making year 10 the best year in our company history.

A big thank you to all the Hunters that came out and spent time with us in the field.  We take nothing for granted and appreciate each and everyone of you.

Lastly a curtain call and standing ovation to the guides. You know them all by name by now and if you don't just read our reviews you'll see them all there.  Simply are the best!

In case you haven't noticed by now we truly love what we do and we look forward to sharing it with you again... next September.

It's our last morning in South Dakota for spring snows pile is growing!
A dirty pile for our hunters tonight!

The juvies are trickling in from the south!  Should be a fun last weekend in SD!



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