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TravelTruly Fly Fishing

Wanaka, OTAGO, New Zealand

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Brown Trout Rainbow Trout

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Full Day Trip

Walk/Wade / 10 Hours / Fly Gear
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  • Season: October 10 - June 6
  • Featured Fish: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout
  • Food & Drink: Provided (confer with outfitter about details)
  • 1-2 People $619.00

Half Day Trip

Walk/Wade / 5 Hours / Fly Gear
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  • Season: October 1 - May 31
  • Featured Fish: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout
  • Food & Drink: Provided (confer with outfitter about details)
  • 1-2 People $450.00

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Endorsed by 1253 people.

Recent Photos

- Rain Rain Go Away - With another decent storm system coming through, the 2nd in as many weeks, the rivers are once again getting a good flush and I’m having to take the day off. Thinking back to January when we had one of the hottest summers ever and fish were chomping cicadas, let’s hope it returns soon. 😩
- Dream Water - Small river = Small fish? Not quite, not in NZ anyway. This little gem was a great surprise for Hiroto from Japan this week as he had never seen big fish in small clear water like this, they were taking big dries too! 😁
- Gorge Scrambling - Today we got into some stunning country, surrounded by towering cliffs and gin clear water. With plenty of fish about happy to take dries it was an epic day, apart from the midday downpour!
- Let It Rest - A golden beauty getting a chance to get its breath back after an epic battle. It’s important to give your catch time to recoup if taking a photo and releasing, as I tell clients “it’s like sprinting a mile and then having your head shoved under water!” - Look after them and they will always be there 😉
- Flats Fatty - Just bought a new electric trolling motor to help me buzz around in the shallow flats chasing these guys, it’s awesome to be able to easily control the boat whilst spotting and fishing. This guy gobbled down a cicada on the surface in only a few inches of water, lake fishing doesn’t get much better than that!
- Etiquette- Many visiting anglers are pleasantly surprised we have orderly river accesses in place in NZ, when it works anyway. Here a F&G sign reminds people to only fish upstream from this point to prevent disturbing other anglers fish below you, a very novel way to operate with brothers Joe & Jim so impressed they even wanted a photo!
- River Refresh - After having some decent floods last week, the rivers have dropped and are looking clean. The flood marks today were a crazy 3-4 meters above normal flow, stripping the banks of vegetation and depositing plenty of debris. However the fish were out and hungry, making up on lost time and making brothers Jim and Joe very happy!
- In Stealth - Sometimes you have to get very, very close to get a good shot at a fish. Keeping low, minimizing movement and keeping the damn rod tip down is the key to success!
- On the Board - My new boat is officially christened with its first trout after Gareth nailed this nice brown whilst drifting along the shallows. Standing on the bow gives good spotting advantage and casting room whilst targeting fishing cruising on the crystal clear flats, fells like being back in the Florida Keys all over again 😅
- Green Back - Just another example of a fine conditioned NZ backcountry brown, with a silver sides and a stunning green shoulders, it doesn’t get much better!
- Working Water - In shallow riffles, fish are harder to spot but they also have trouble seeing you so once you do find a fish it’s possible to get very close and work it over. This nice brown was sitting only 2m from us where we were positioned to get the perfect drift, it took a few casts but the perfect one finally enticed a take!
- Calm Before The Storm - With heavy rain falling across the South Island giving some much needed reprieve to very low river levels, it was good to get a day in before the floods came. Although it was a very windy day with Ben from New Caledonia, the sun shone high in the sky, allowing us to find plenty of fish to have a crack at. Ben took his opportunities well, and in between dust clouds and mini tornados he did well to get several nice fish to the net! 😆


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