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TravelTruly Fly Fishing

Wanaka, OTAGO, New Zealand

Endorsed by 1247 people

Target Fish

Brown Trout Rainbow Trout

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Full Day Trip

Walk/Wade / 10 Hours / Fly Gear
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  • Season: October 10 - June 6
  • Featured Fish: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout
  • Food & Drink: Provided (confer with outfitter about details)
  • 1-2 People $619.00

Half Day Trip

Walk/Wade / 5 Hours / Fly Gear
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  • Season: October 1 - May 31
  • Featured Fish: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout
  • Food & Drink: Provided (confer with outfitter about details)
  • 1-2 People $450.00

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Endorsed by 1247 people.

Recent Photos

- Dry Time - Had an absolutely epic first session of the season on one of my favorite streams this week. Things started of slow until a small hatch got the fish moving into shallow water where the sipping began. About 15 to the net in 4 hours, can’t complain....😁
- Old Favorites - Just back from a few days of exploring some my favorite streams with a few random new ones thrown in. The fish are in excellent condition this season and this fish was one of several that showed of a strong fight and big bellies. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great season 😉
- Get it in there! - Trying to persuade a nice fish into the net on the first day of the season. With cold water temps and full bellies they were playing strong! We may have missed this one but got him the next time! 😉
- Backcountry Beauty - It was a stunner of a heli fishing trip today with the boys from Utah who relished the chance to experience some of NZ’s finest. Perfect weather and some nice fish to the net made for a great day, enjoy the rest of your trip guys!
- Those Spots 😍 - Catching a brown with well defined red spots isn’t that common in NZ and is usually reserved for those rivers that hold a more tannin colour. However we found plenty on our opening season trip!
- Just Hanging - There is no better sight than a big fish sitting midstream in front of a large boulder, chowing down everything in its path. It can be can be easy to miss them and even harder to hook them so you need to be on your A-game!
- One of Many - Another great fish to the net on what was an epic few days in some very remote backcountry. We managed 45 to the net and all of good size/condition, not to mention plenty on the dry too! @jakub_kanok_dtd
Just back from an amazing trip into New Zealand’s pristine backcountry where we explored some stunning water and found plenty of big hungry fish. It was great to fly in, take plenty of supplies and spend some time checking out the surrounds, it also helped that we were most likely the first anglers to fish it this season! We have plenty of content to share so stay tuned.....
It’s been an epic few days to start the season with amazing water and plenty of good fish to the net this stunner, my first for the new season. We still have a few more exciting plans lined up for the next week, it’s gonna be interesting!
- The Beginning - The new fishing season got off to a great start today as we managed to find a river in the south the wasn’t blown out but was instead full of big hungry fish! Now it’s onto see what the rest of the week has to offer!
It’s almost time, just a few more days until the New Zealand fishing season opens and we get back to chasing these beasts in the gin clear water of NZ's South Island. We cant wait, can you?
- First Up Dry - Even though the new season is a few weeks away, I’ve manage to get out on a few local waters that are still open and reckon I can claim this fish as my first on a dry fly for the new season, since I’ve been back in NZ anyway..... 😉


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