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TravelTruly Fly Fishing

Wanaka, OTAGO, New Zealand

Endorsed by 1247 people

Target Fish

Brown Trout Rainbow Trout

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Full Day Trip

Walk/Wade / 10 Hours / Fly Gear
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  • Season: October 10 - June 6
  • Featured Fish: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout
  • Food & Drink: Provided (confer with outfitter about details)
  • 1-2 People $619.00

Half Day Trip

Walk/Wade / 5 Hours / Fly Gear
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  • Season: October 1 - May 31
  • Featured Fish: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout
  • Food & Drink: Provided (confer with outfitter about details)
  • 1-2 People $450.00

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Endorsed by 1247 people.

Recent Photos

- Get it In - Reaching out with a slightly flimsy net Torkjel nails his first kiwi trout for 2018. We have had a pretty awesome week of settled weather, let’s hope it continues.
- Cap it Off - A great way to finish off what was a awesome day on a small stream chasing fish with big dry flies. Torkjel got this brown to take on the top with a nice long cast to where he was laying in a shallow riffle, all hell broke loose after that!
- My Turn - It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good days fishing myself and this was my first of a few today. Great day catching up with the mate from Norway @torkjelandas
- Ready to Go - The rivers are finally returning to normal here in the south! There have been some drastic changes to the river in places but today the fish fired. Dan hooked around a dozen fish that seemed to be very hungry and eager after several weeks of heavy flows! 😅
- X-ray Vision - Sometimes it takes a bit of time just standing and staring into the deep churn of currents to find your target. Get high, stand back and wait for the windows to come by, you’d be amazed at what will appear if you know where to look!
- A Chunk - Day 2 went off with a bang for Lindsay after practicing her finer skills yesterday. She put in a lot of effort to practice before our days out and it made all the difference. This chunky bow was her biggest trout to date and with a very lumpy stomach I’m guessing it’s been chomping on some meat!
- Making It Happen - Conditions may not be ideal at the moment but we are still getting it done. Ted brought a good cast on a day that needed it with strong winds coming up the river all day.  Make the effort to practice into the wind before you come and it will make all the difference!
- The good ol days - Thinking back to the amazing clear, warm days we had for opening season last month In the backcountry. Low flows and awesome dryfly action got us pumped for the season, hopefully we get back to that soon!  🤨
- Cicada Time - The first official cicada munching brown trout for my season which Craig nailed with his first cast. We were treated with low flows, warm weather and hungry browns on this epic heli-fishing day in the backcountry!
- The Finale - A great way to finish what has been a fun but tricky week on the water. Here Marion shows off her personal best trout and final fish of the week from a small stream, one of very few that has had clear enough water to fish after consistent bad weather over the past few weeks.... Good work guys, enjoy the rest of your travels! 😁


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