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TravelTruly Fly Fishing

Wanaka, OTAGO, New Zealand

Endorsed by 1247 people

Target Fish

Brown Trout Rainbow Trout

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Full Day Trip

Walk/Wade / 10 Hours / Fly Gear
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  • Season: October 10 - June 6
  • Featured Fish: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout
  • Food & Drink: Provided (confer with outfitter about details)
  • 1-2 People $619.00

Half Day Trip

Walk/Wade / 5 Hours / Fly Gear
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  • Season: October 1 - May 31
  • Featured Fish: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout
  • Food & Drink: Provided (confer with outfitter about details)
  • 1-2 People $450.00

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Endorsed by 1247 people.

Recent Photos

- Trust Your Instincts - After a week of tough weather and river conditions things were tough down south, so I made the call to change locations and it paid off with chrome! This was Greg’s 3rd road trip with me in the past year and our toughest to date, thankfully it finished with a bang! Now he gets to head back to the warmth of Hawaii. I wish..... 😆
- Sunny Days - It’s been a rough week down here in the Deep South, damn cold and very wet. It’s been a funny ol season with the first half completely dry and the second half dripping wet. Just a few weeks left to make the most of it though so get out there!
- Truly Unique - A fish that will be in the memory for a while and Ivan’s best brown to that point before we doubled it a few days later. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a fish with so many orange spots!
- Dolphin 🐬 - It’s not very often you get a brown showing off his dorsal fin for the camera! This fish topped of a great day with Mike who managed a rare 100% landing rate on all the fish he hooked, showing that if you come prepared with a decent cast and a good attitude the rewards are there for the taking!
- Ultimate Success - Today we worked hard for a few lost fish and many missed opportunities. Just as we were about to call it a day we decided to check one last pool and it paid off in the best way possible. This massive beast was feeding hard and came up from the bottom to take a small nymph subsurface. All that hard work paid off, Ivan is one happy man! 😁
- Just Wow - Probably one of the most interesting fish I’ve come across all season. This immaculate beast was dotted with orange spots on his flank and put up on hell of a scrap. The uniqueness of each brown trout never fails to amaze.
- Round Two - After a great heli fishing trip back in December, Ivan is back, this time for a 5 day roady and we started off in fine fashion. It’s great to see the fish back on the chew and fattening up for the winter, let’s hope it continues!
- Wild Weather - With another week of storms and heavy rain it’s been a tough month here in NZ. However the beauty about the south is there is usually always somewhere you can find clear water. Today the guys got it done amongst the rain with fish happy to move to big nymphs and good casts, it makes every step worthwhile!
- Summer Days - Francesco shows off this chunky dry fly taker from a few weeks back and has me thinking back to those warm summer days as the temps now drop and snow begins to fall. It’s still an exciting month ahead as the prolific late season mayfly hatches begin, just going to need a few more layers of clothing 😉
- Silver Stunner - Today we hunted down some kiwi chrome and came up with this deep and very strong bow amongst some tough conditions. If they play hard, you have to play harder!
- Second Chances - A stunning fish the was the result of a unlikely second chance after we missed the first take. A quick recast and the fish turned for the same fly, this time the hook stuck!
- Release the Beast - An awesome day that saw plenty of fish happy to rise to a dry and play nice all the way to the net. Putting this chunky brown back to fight another day is just another satisfying part of every time out on the water!


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