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Homestead, FL, United States

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4 Hr Fishing Trip

Flats Boat / 4 Hours / Conventional Gear
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Additional $50 for a third angler, however, to enjoy your best experience it is suggested to only book for 2 anglers max.

  • 1-2 People $500.00
  • 3 People $550.00

6 Hr Fishing Trip

Flats Boat / 6 Hours / Conventional Gear
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Additional $50 for a third angler, however, to enjoy your best experience it is suggested to only book for 2 anglers max.

  • 1-2 People $550.00
  • 3 People $600.00

8 Hr Fishing Trip

Flats Boat / 8 Hours / Conventional Gear
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Additional $50 for a third angler, however, to enjoy your best experience it is suggested to only book for 2 anglers max.

  • 1-2 People $600.00
  • 3 People $650.00

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Endorsed by 938 people.

Recent Photos

I had a wonderful time showing first-time Everglades National Park visitors Fernando and Gillian around during their morning trip with me. They caught their first Snook and Redfish, along with plenty of other rodbending little miscreants. We had a bluebird, breezy, cool day to enjoy - the fish were a nice bonus!
This picture perfectly exemplifies what I had in mind when I named my business
We've still been struggling in these ridiculous winds and heavy cloud cover on a daily basis - pounding shorelines and points for fish is still paying off though. Jeremy caught his first Redfish in the glades this week just before hooking into something much, much larger than we were prepared for...
Not every day on the water is easy. Some days you don't have hardly any light or visibility, you get rained on, blown around by lots of wind, and then there's the all-too-common-nowadays uncooperative or finicky fish. But none of that means you can't have an enjoyable, productive day. 

I had the pleasure to have repeat client and friend Bart on the bow to do some pretty hardcore flyfishing in the 'Glades with me. We started the morning casting for baby Tarpon, then shifted to sight fishing Snook and Redfish on the flats as the tide fell. As the clouds built and the wind increased to 20+ knots sustained, we picked up and launched in the backcountry in hopes of seeking refuge from the wind and finding some happy fish. Amidst very unfavorable conditions, Bart caught some Snook along wooded shorelines and then to finish our day off with a bang, he managed a very healthy overslot Redfish on the very last cast of the day. Great job my friend - never giving up pays off!
I've got some pre-hurricane content from the last several trips to post before I'm off the water for a few days... Finding finicky Reds in clear water that just don't want to cooperate? Toss a Z-Man Fishing Products New Penny scented jerkshad in front of him, let it fall into the grass, and give your rod tip a few twitches.. I guarantee you will find success! Stephen from Virginia sure did with his first Redfish this week!
This has been my everyday morning office view lately - my clients have been enjoying high-flying baby tarpon action for the last several weeks on Z-Man Fishing ProductsJerkshadz and Paddlerz.
Just finished up the FNGLA Day on the Bay Fishing tournament with my angler for the day Kerry. He did a great job and stuck out some harsh conditions, and even ended up earning himself a new rod to take home for winning the Redfish division of the tournament. This was the first year I was able to make it to the tournament - it's a great event and for a great cause. Thanks to all who helped to make it possible and congrats to all the anglers who did an awesome job on a tough day! Raymarine
What's better than watching C.A. sightfish a Snook out of a pothole 10 feet from the boat : sightfishing a bigger one from the poling platform and then bragging about it! Friendly competition is the best kind... Don't get too serious with your fishing - love it, enjoy it, but keep it fun! Z-Man Fishing Products Under Armour Fishing Hell's Bay Boatworks
What's better than slicked off glassy days and tailing Redfish as far as the eye can see? Every now and then I get to capitalize on an opportunity and snipe a fish or two from the tower. We fooled fish after fish on Z-Man Fishing Products Jerkshadz and Paddlerz, and even a few on the BTB jig. frogg toggs

Also - tomorrow evening I've got my last scheduled speaking event at the South Florida Sports Fishing Club in Palmetto Bay - if you or anyone you know would like me to come visit your fishing club/group and speak on behalf of the Florida Guide's Association and Captains for Clean Water about our current water quality situation in Florida Bay as well as fishing techniques, don't hesitate to let me know!
I was able to spend the day yesterday taking C.A. and Jessica around the park visiting some very old areas and some new as well - looking for better water and new fish. We managed some respectable fish including this gorgeous Snook. Can't beat flipping the bushes with Z-Man Fishing Products Jerkshadz with good friends and quality fish!  Flats Class TV
When you lose count of the fish you've caught, it's been an exceptional day. It seems like every time the 3 of us get together and fish, something magical happens. I highly value my friendship with the Richardson power couple - and the fact that we continue to have the opportunity to spend time on the water together doing what we love is just a bonus. Lots of high flying baby Tarpon, and doubles on sightfished Snook and Redfish kept us busy and giggling.. Hoping today will be even half as good! Flats Class TV
One of many fish over these last few days. Matt from Raymarine and his wife Christy joined me again this year for a couple days of fun in the Everglades National Park to fish the Herman Lucerne Memorial Backcountry Fishing Championship. Last year, Christy caught her first Snook during the tournament with me, and this year she managed to get her first Tarpon, as well as more Snook and some other species. Awesome job Team Marks/Raymarine; making me proud and getting better each year!


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