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Spotted Horse Ranch

Jackson, WY, United States

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Endorsed by 2674 people.

Recent Photos

Beatufiul Sundance
Sundance in the feeding line
This blue-eyed paint came to us late in the 2017 season from Loveland, Colorado.  Prior to trading owners in Colorado, Sundance had been out to pasture for about two years!  Full of sass and spunk, and not use to daily work, it took a few weeks of wrangler riders to remind her of her ground manners and get her back into shape.  While Sundance has retained her spunk, she seems to enjoy having a job to do and walks out at a nice pace and easily moves into faster paces when asked.  Her blue eyes seem to bore into you, and she is always alert and aware of what is going on around her.  For a somewhat experienced rider, this horse provides a fun and energizing ride!
Loved by her riders and the wranglers, Charlotte is one of our attitude-filled mares.  While she takes excellent care of her riders, she likes her space and does not hesitate to drop to the back of the pack and pin her ears at any horse that invades her and her rider's personal bubble.  Charlotte is the perfect amount of responsive and safe, adjusting herself to any level of rider that we ask her to carry.  In her younger years, this mare was one of the fastest horses on the ranch, and loved to show it!  Now, at age 17, she has finally relinquished that title, but remains a super fun, forward-going horse that both guests and wranglers love to ride!
Charlotte looking sweet as can be; Sundance on the left and Kate on the right
Check out Abilene looking so stoic in the snow!  This shy girl came to the ranch with Comanche and they have been best friends ever since!  Abilene loves to bring up the rear on trail rides, giving her riders a chance to watch their friends from behind and giggle when moving at faster paces.  The queen of the mosey, she needs a little motivation to get going sometimes, but once she is in gear she is a smooooooth ride!  After every ride, Abilene heads to the rail to take a nap; her ability to fall asleep within seconds of being tied up is incredible - so if she is your horse for the week that you are here, make sure that she is awake and sees you before you walk up to her!  As one of my old wrangler horses, she has a soft spot in my heart :)


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