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Spotted Horse Ranch

Jackson, WY, United States

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Endorsed by 2674 people.

Recent Photos

Each summer, Jim hauls countless logs into camp so that we can cut them up for firewood or use them as posts and rails for our tents. pc: Kevin Kreger
Just a week ago, Jim was munching on hay with his buddies at Bryan Flats, the horses' winter grounds.
Jim, harnessed up and ready to haul logs at Hunter Creek in 2017. pc: Kevin Kreger
sweet Jim
On a
Today it is Willie's turn to be in the spotlight!  This 13/14 year old bay gelding came to us at the same time as our ranch foreman, Matt.   Coincidence? Definitely not.   Willie, along with three other horses in our herd, are Matt's personal horses that he is kind enough to let the wranglers and guests ride during the summer months!  Willie has a loveable personality and never shies away from some extra attention, but like his owner, he is a worker at heart!  From packing to pony rides, this horse does it all and retains his sweet demeanor the entire time.  Thanks to his time working cows in Texas, Willie is agile, responsive, and - despite his rather plump winter bod - very athletic.  He provides a smooth, fun ride for every individual that is lucky enough to get to ride him!
Willie has such a sweet face!
Willie meanders over to a new hay pile
Deer, with snow conveniently making her small white star appear much larger
For those of you who don't know her already, meet Deer!  This beautiful bucksin horse is often a favorite among our female wranglers, and is frequently chosen to go out early in the mornings to track down the other horses and bring them home.  Favored for her spunk and speed, those guests that have gotten to ride Deer are always surprised by her agility and athleticism.  In the wintertime, Deer's favorite pasttimes include jumping fences, playing musical fields, and sampling each separate pile of hay.
Deer chowing down


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