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Absecon Bay Sportsman Center

Absecon, NJ, U.S.A.

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I established Absecon Bay Sportsman Center on July 1st 1985 when my wife Judy and I bought what was at the time simply Absecon Boat Yard, which provided docking, winter storage and limited repair service to the local boating population and a very limited selection of bait and tackle. Mostly catering to the extremely popular Summer Flounder fishing.

It has been a long haul, but I have transformed this into what I believe is the best total Fishing Center in Southern New Jersey. I specialize in Back Bay and Inshore Fishing and carry every type of Bait and Tackle which is necessary for this type of fishing.


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1/2 Day, Full Tide Trip

Charter Boat / 4 Hours / Conventional Gear
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  • 1-3 People $375.00
  • 4 People $475.00

Full Day Fishing

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Endorsed by 9931 people.

Recent Photos

Wind? What wind? Mike Keeping and crew Rock and Rolled their way to a limit up to 30 pounds for the Absecon VFW Tournament. Still a little to the North. Should be HOT tomorrow.  Stop by and Gear up today so you can get an early start.
Benny is learning Striper fishing fast Fishing with Capt. Allen.  They fought the wind waves and sea weed to put their MOJOs in front of seven Stripers today.  These two, a 20# and slightly smaller cousin came home to feed the family.  Quidado Donald Trump quando  los familiares de Benny sabe que tenemos Lobina Rayado grande aqui en NJ,  Ellos van a quebrar su
MOJOs work great ... But Bunker Spoons often blow them away!  Come see our selection of Rigged & Ready Wire Line Combos.  Yes we have Tony Maja Signature Rods and Reels in Stock along with others. All  reels are filled with 300' of Monel Wire and Braid Backing.  Prices are list, but get a FREE Tony Maja Bunker Spoon of your choice with any complete combo purchased.
Beau sent me this picture on Tuesday and with all the rush getting back on the water I must have missed it.  The fish was caught last Monday and now all we need is some glassy Ocean like that to get out again:
Out in front of Brigantine. Nothing yet but fish able.
This weekend looks good and I expect a lot of boats out.  There have been absolutely LOADS of fish inside 3 miles and I have heard that the authorities will not be taking any BS.  Also if you are in a BLITZ make sure you don't have any extra fish flopping on the floor before releasing, because once the fish is off the hook and in the boat it is under possession, even if you intend to release it.
Back in the Game. I just launched the boat into the fog and am 100% thanks to Roger at Chestnut Neck Boat Yard. who got me set up with a gear case and service so I can have a great December. I had picked up a ball of fishing line which cut my prop shaft seals and that was all she wrote, but it is sort of an occupational hazard. Once this fog lifts, the wind is supposed to be out of the west and the Stripers should be hungry. All I have to do is load the Rods and Tackle and fill the Live-well and put you on board and we are ready to catch. I will go for a last minute trip for tomorrow, ($150 Single, $200 double or $250 triple) so I can get my sea=legs back. After that it will be regular price of $375 for the boat (1,2,or 3). Call 609-484-0409
Tom Pacula had a tough time dragging this bass to the filet table with a bad shoulder.  This was another Monday fish before yesterday's wash out.  The wind wasn't near as bad as forecast and if the changeover back to the West Wind isn't extreme Tomorrow should be another fishing day.  In a bit I'm heading up to Chestnut Neck Marina to pick up the boat.  It sounds like Roger did his thing and I'm back in action.  December is pretty much open so check the weather andgive me a call.  The best is yet to come.
Dear Fans, Friends and all Fishermen who love to catch (and eat) Summer Flounder.  The proposed regulations have gotten serious to the point that South Jersey Fishing could be completely changed for the worse.  Please read this letter from the SSFFF completely and take time to follow the link and send in your comments.   PLEASE also make comments here and SHARE this with your Fishing Friends.                

  Dear Fellow Fishermen 

As you know the proposed 40% fluke and additional black sea bass cuts are going to be terrible and will most certainly put lots of small operators out of business!

The timing of these drastic cuts couldn’t be worse; the new SSFFF commissioned onboard sex and length study and Dr Sullivan's new stock model will not be implemented for at least 2 years!  The process takes that long between the NMFS  Scientific committee's schedule and then the “peer review” process that follows the next year.

The Speed [or lack of] of government is never rapid in responding to crises such as this! 

The two posts below from The Fisherman Magazine need to be passed on; all saltwater fishermen, both the private anglers and professionals in for-hire industry must quickly mobilize and pack the house at the upcoming meeting of the Mid Atlantic Fishery Management Council in Baltimore, MD.  

Same for those in the coastal marine trades and the fishing tackle business! 

 All stakeholders should plan to attend and voice their concerns.  The Board of SSFFF typically never suggests attending these hearings as the deck is already stacked and your public comment will not sway the Council as they can only follow the law as it’s written.  But it's a lot harder to vote on ruining a person's recreational passion or a small businessman’s livelihood when that person is looking at you in the eye from a packed room!     

IMPORTANT:  the incoming administration needs to see just how outraged the public is and WE must make it clear that we will not stand by and allow many of our favorite party and charter boats as well as local tackle shops go out of business because of these unwarranted cuts; how dare they cripple our fishery with data collection that we all know is nothing more than hogwash! 

The system is a mess, and the recreational data is “fatally flawed” at very best; we need Congress’ help in incorporating some reasonable flexibility!  But that of course is a heavy lift; and as we’ve seen during the past 8 years of letter writing campaigns, rallies and unified protest, a very long term goal that with a new administration we hope to accomplish! 

But for now, our only real hope is for the new Trump Administration to intervene and implement status quo until such time as we get better data collection, better stock assessments and a federal fisheries service that actually cares as much about the lives of fishermen as they do their own job security!  

First step that everyone can do right now is visit the federal e-rulemaking portal ( ) to put your official comments onto the public record.  The deadline for adding your comments on the proposed summer flounder public comment portal is Wednesday, November 30, although RFA has petitioned NMFS to extend that time frame. Sending a copy of your comments to your states United States Senator and your local Congress man or woman is advised as it’s important that these elected officials in the loop. In your written comments please specifically ask for a 16.26 million pound ABC in 2017 and 2018.  Granting this request would simply give us status quo until such time as we are able to base our regulations on a new benchmark stock assessment in 2018 

The next step for those who are able is to attend the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council's December 2016 meeting in Baltimore, MD on December 14.  A full day of summer flounder discussion kicks off at 9 a.m. with progress review and action plan for the proposed summer flounder amendment.  The Council meeting is being held at the Royal Sonesta Harbor Court at 550 Light Street in Baltimore, MD.  Go to the following link for details.

Board of Directors 

Brian Tim & Kevin had a great day off Brigantine  with  25-30# fish. Here they have 3 under and 2 over. They released more on both snag and drop and MOJOS.
Looks like Jay is on a striper marathon. Here is what he said about this picture.


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