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Absecon Bay Sportsman Center

Absecon, NJ, U.S.A.

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I established Absecon Bay Sportsman Center on July 1st 1985 when my wife Judy and I bought what was at the time simply Absecon Boat Yard, which provided docking, winter storage and limited repair service to the local boating population and a very limited selection of bait and tackle. Mostly catering to the extremely popular Summer Flounder fishing.

It has been a long haul, but I have transformed this into what I believe is the best total Fishing Center in Southern New Jersey. I specialize in Back Bay and Inshore Fishing and carry every type of Bait and Tackle which is necessary for this type of fishing.


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1/2 Day, Full Tide Trip

Charter Boat / 4 Hours / Conventional Gear
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  • 1-3 People $375.00
  • 4 People $475.00

Full Day Fishing

Charter Boat / 8 Hours / Conventional Gear
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  • 1-3 People $550.00
  • 4 People $650.00


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Endorsed by 11153 people.

Recent Photos

Situation Bloodworm, 12 pm. Sun. Sold Out.  
More will be here Tomorrow (Mon) Morning.  My wholesalers price has gone up, but I will stay at $12 a dozen if the demand keeps up and you make Absecon Bay Sportsman Center your #1 supplier.  If you want a half dozen that price will be &7.50.  I'll do my best to keep Fresh Worms in Stock so stop by.
Happy Valentines Day on this beautiful morning.  Take care of your chosen, but don't miss a great day for White Perch Fishing.  Not many Grass Shrimp in the Honey Hole today, but I do have a couple 1/2 pints.  Plenty of Bloodworms, but I have to leave the shop about 10 am.  Will be back about 1.  Call 609-484-0409 to make sure I'm around.
Want to catch your own Grass Shrimp?  Plenty of Shrimp nets in stock including extension nets, reach over 12 feet.  Grass Shrimp and Bloodworms in stock for those who don't. call 609-484-0409
Same Spot, another day.  Ice is gone and the sun and temperature is up.  I have half a box of Bloodworms left, but I did scoop up plenty of Grass Shrimp for the day.  More Bloodworms are on order and on the way, but ASAP is the only time line I have.  I will definitely hang out all  day today.  We must apease the Weather Gods when they are this good to us.  call 609-484-0409
GOT SHRIMP  …  Same view as yesterday but a lot less ice and a lot more fog.  Big warm up coming If you want to get out on the water I've got the bait.  call 609-484-0409 to make sure I'm around, I should be.
Still looks plenty cold out there.  I went out to look for Grass Shrimp this morning.  The ice wasn't bad in my hole but I had left my telescoping net outside and it was frozen closed.  I scraped a few out of the shallows and will wait to see what the day brings before I try for more.  The Bloodworm Baron called last evening and  is on the way down with a couple flats of pretty pink, lively Bloodworms.  I'll post when they get here , but it should be soon.  I'll be around at least until noon so if the fishing bug gets you stop on by.
The 2019 Tournament season starts off with a small fish, but a BIG Tournament.  This is a day full of fish, food and fun.  The Perch are already biting so you might as well get out and practice.  I've got the Grass Shrimp, Bloodworms and all the right gear.  Get all the details and register here
The skies cleared yesterday afternoon over Absecon.  Looks like a decent weekend for January.  I do have some nice blood worm if you want to try the White Perch.
It is definitely slow out here so maybe this picture claimed to be the Great White referred to in the New Jersey Conservation Officers Association post I shared below will kick things up.  This might be Fake News, but it is a Dead Great White.  It appears that the Captain
I got the call to go on the air with Mike Shepard tomorrow morning in the studio on WOND 1400. 7 AM. TO 8 AM. He is also bringing in Noel Feliciano from One Stop Bait & Tackle . It's Mid-January and it's time to get the 2019 fishing season off with a


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