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Talaheim Lodge

Anchorage, AK, United States

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Heli-Fish at Talaheim's Alaska Fishing Lodge


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Endorsed by 705 people.

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Flew out to the lodge the other day, spent the night cleaning up after our December earthquake.  What a mess, dresser drawers tip over, broken glass from anything and everything falling over.  Our ground really heaved underneath the buildings on the ground where the snow doesn't cover.  Four feet of heavy snow covering the roof tops had to be removed on some of our older buildings.

Nature is constantly testing for weakness in the Alaskan bush.  We still have some great spots open during our 2019 season shortly coming up.  

10 spots open in July and about 10 openings in August, a few early September.  Hope to see some of you at Talaheim Lodge this coming summer.  A great helicopter fly out Alaskan fishing adventure.
So you want to buy your wife an Alaska fishing trip for Valentines Day but she needs some coaxing? Well, you’ve come to the right place. After thirty years as an Alaskan lodge owner, I’ve got love stories that would bring Hollywood to their knees. So let me give you a few tips to help convince your partner that a fishing trip in Alaska is a romantic hit.
1. Alaska’s chilly nights lead to cuddling
2. Bear sightings bring couples closer together
3. Fireside chats with frosty mugs of Alaskan Ale lead to deep conversation
4. You think your wife looks sexy when wearing waders
5. Long days of fishing generally lead to back rubs
6. There’s lots of one-on-one time when there’s no one else in an 80 mile radius
7. Rubbing Deet on the back of your wife’s neck can lead to intimacy (as long as you don’t touch anything else)
8. Flyfishing tends to make you look like Brad Pitt in A River Runs Through It
Well, my wife and I escape to warmer climates south of the equator each January for the past five winters.  Salt water flats fishing is a blast, but the sun is a killer.


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