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Rainy Lake Houseboats

International Falls, MN, United States

Endorsed by 16436 people

Amazing houseboat vacations on Rainy Lake in Voyageurs National Park. Explore pristine, rugged wilderness, enjoy world-class fishing and completely unwind.


2031 County Road 102, International Falls, MN, United States
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Endorsed by 16436 people.

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You’re relaxed. You’ve spent the entire day blissfully enjoying the majesty surrounding you. Hour after hour you continued to marvel at the splendor before your very eyes. As you sit on the shore and look at the bay behind your houseboat you appreciate what they call this God’s country. #houseboat #vacation #rainylake #rlhb #summer #sunset #findyourpark
There’s a certain kind of magic that comes with tradition. As you cast your line beside a shoal you take inventory of who is with you in your fishing boat. Today it’s just you and the kids. As you notice the childlike wonder and smiles their faces you realize that this expression is ageless. There is just something special about Rainy Lake that makes us all feel like a kid again. #rlhb #rainylakehouseboats #vacation #findyourpark
The sun rises to start the day.  While you’re looking forward to a fun-filled adventure on the water, currently you’re enjoying the comfort of your bunk. You’re on vacation, after all. Its all about the relaxation. Suddenly you hear the kids emerge in the other room. You start to rise and then suddenly you pause for a moment and realize…you’re the captain!  As you make the executive decision to sleep in you are completely confident. Aboard the houseboat the kids can take care of themselves. #houseboat #vacation #rainylake #findyourpark
As the sun begins to set you gently paddle your kayak back to your Houseboat. The only sound is your oar as it propels you across the glasslike bay. Before you can take your next breath you suddenly hear a sound unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. The melodic and majestic cry echoes cross the lake. It sounds like a peaceful serenade to the wilderness. You’re hearing the call of Loon on Rainy lake. #rlhb #houseboat #findyourpark #birdwatching #loon #vacation
As the sun begins to set, the smell of smokey timbers is drifting across calm quiet bay.  The mild washing of the waves is suddenly complimented by a delightful popping and crackling. A glow of orange warmth gently illuminates your surroundings. This is the beginning of an evening of bonding & togetherness. As the marshmallows are being passed out, you realize that is a very special tradition on your Houseboat vacation. These are experience to be cherished. There is absolutely nothing more magical than a campfire on Rainy Lake. #rlhb #rainylake #houseboat #vacation #findyourpark (📷 by Jim Umhoffer)
“You’re standing on the back of your houseboat listening to the sounds of nature. You hear the water gently washing upon the shore as a loon calls out in the distance. Just when you can’t imagine your evening being any more picturesque, you gaze into the night sky. Before your eyes is a light show dancing across the horizon. You glimpse a spectacular display of hues each more vibrant than the last. There aren’t any words to properly convey the majesty before you. You’re in God’s country and the creativity is apparent.” 📷by Lori Grebeck  #houseboat #rlhb #rainylake #northernlights #nofilter #findyourpark
On a warm and sunny afternoon, you drop your lines into the deep blue water.  You patiently wait for your jigs to touch the bottom of a reef below. The only sound is the peaceful drifting of your boat in calm waves. Today you fish in the company of family. Looking down at your rods and reels you appreciate that you’re a part of a tradition. Countless generations before you have enjoyed the same breathtaking bays, channels, and islands. As the sun begins to set, you cruise back to your houseboat. While your fishing partner may be 50 years older…you both share the same childlike love and appreciation for moments like these in such a special place. You’re part of a legacy. The legacy of Rainy Lake. #houseboat #rainylake #fishing #legacy #rlhb #findyourpark #ripleaddog
As the sun slowly rises, so begins your day. While the glacier-carved channels & bays are slowly illuminated you begin to contemplate your plan. Will you go fishing? Swimming? Hiking? Or perhaps spend a day of peaceful relaxation on the beach?  As you sip coffee and gaze into the horizon you realize there is no need to overthink it. From the deck of your houseboat you’re the captain. And on Rainy Lake there are only splendid choices. Welcome aboard. 
#RainyLakeHouseboats #RLHB #houseboatng #rainylake #findyourpark #nofilter
East Koochiching County Sewer project is making steady progress with the last leg of the project to be completed during the fall of 2018. Our County Commissioners never gave up hope on finding the funding to make this project possible. Thank you board members.

The work at Rainy Lake Houseboats is progress!
Thanksgiving is the time to give thanks for everything we have in our lives. A special thanks to our friends and customers, sharing the love of Rainy Lake is a special feeling. We hope everyone has a happy and thankful holiday. Safe travels to all!

The water is frozen in our bay, it looks open, froze like a mirror, would be an awesome skating experience.
My friends Cary and Ashley with a Rainy Lake predator. Let the fun begin!


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