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Driftless Angler

Viroqua, WI, United States

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Driftless Angler Fly Shop and Guide Service. Specializing in the spring creeks of the Driftless Area.


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Endorsed by 3409 people.

Recent Photos

Back at it!  Shop is open 7 days a week now.  Fishing was solid pre-snowstorm (picture is from a few days ago).  Weather is stabilizing quickly and looking good for later this week!
Mild week ahead, small temperature dip Friday, then a pleasant winter weekend.  Fishing has been lots of fun on the sunny days lately.  Midges, scuds, and leeches.  Come visit, the trout miss you!
2018 has proven to be a technologically crummy year so far.  Just found that our website contact form isn't functioning correctly. We sincerely apologize if we have not answered your e-mail.  Please feel free to call us or e-mail us again as the issue should be fixed.
Reason #457 to always have a fly rod with you...  Even with cold weather yesterday Geri and I found a pod of rising fish driving back from some errands yesterday.  An hour plus of fun!
Despite some awfully chilly weather, the streamer bite has been pretty good lately.  Just please keep in mind that if you lift a trout's head out of the water their gills and eyes can flash freeze.  Keep their head under water if you need to take a photo. I know we are being preachy, but we kind of like these fish!
You have to remember to change how you think about trout fishing in the winter.  Sun is actually a good thing.  When it warms up the water temperatures life under the surface wakes up and gets the fishing going strong.
An office with a view.
Ellen with a nice fish from yesterday.  Note the lack of snow on the banks!  The weekend is setting up to be pretty nice!
Timing is everything.  The weather is changing today, creeks are back in good shape, and we just got a fresh batch of Itty Meaty Things in black.  Aside from midges, this leech is a killer winter pattern!
The creeks are in incredible shape right now.  Today and tomorrow look like some crummy weather, but Wednesday through the weekend are looking good.  We had rising fish this weekend, and once things warm up a bit we expect more surface action as well as solid leech and streamer fishing too!


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