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George Rose Guide Service

Rockport, TX, United States

Rockport and Port Aransas bay fishing.


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Recent Photos

Reds are here. We should start seeing the 27-30
3 casts 3 reds. That's pretty good. They are schooling up finally. I never had a chance to ice them down. Got our limits easily. They should stay good for awhile now. Schools get bigger etc. lots of fish. Good day
Sorry for the picture quality. Last picture before the phone cratered. Hey we had three trout. See if you can find the two misplaced fish lol. 

Good fisherman. Easy day.
Haven't posted in awhile. Too many people watch where you're fishing, see your Facebook post, and beat you there the next day.  Pretty sad when Facebook has become a fishing tool!!

Good redfish day. No trout. The trout have been really good. It's been great. 

Come see the new 25.5' Majek Extreme. 
It's pretty cool. Sleek, fast boat. 
Very comfortable

I'll try and get the pictures out sooner. I just really don't like to post much.
The drum were really easy today. So easy they are two hooks at a time. Interesting picture. 
We had our 20 by10:30 and s couple of redfish. Great group. Nice and fun people.  Fish several times a year always seem to do well. 

Now if they'll just stay put for tomorrow....
Even Port Aransas has good fish. Our 20 trout but that's the only two reds I could get. We could see the reds they just wouldn't eat. Weird like that some days.
Got all
The Reds but couldn't finish all the drum. We looked but they just weren't there. I'll take reds anyway!!! Nice box guys.
Yeah that's a lot of big reds. All our slots and three oversize. One stop too. Of course Carmen Copeland caught 13 of the 15 fish...I think there's a name for that...
Look at the spots. 37
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