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Islamorada, FL, U.S.A.


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Half Day Charter

Charter Boat / 4 Hours / Conventional Gear
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  • 1-6 People $800.00

Full Day Charter - Offshore Or Reef

Charter Boat / 8 Hours / Conventional Gear
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  • 1-6 People $1,300.00


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Recent Photos

A good day of catching with Jeff Smith and the gang from Jacksonville and Tampa always a fun time on the water with these guys. Thank you Winn Electric for the new visor. #islamorada #mahimahi #fisheatsleeprepeat #itswhatsfordinner #bnmu #anyoneseenmymate @smasoncanes @capt_toledo @fosty_c @budnmarysmarina @chefdavedd @heatherkoch7408
These guys had a great day stayed busy catching Mahi all day. #islamorada #mahimahi #fisheatsleeprepeat #itswhatsfordinner #bnmu @smasoncanes @capt_toledo @fosty_c @budnmarysmarina @salty_chik @heatherkoch7408
Well about 3 weeks ago everyone was worried that we were never gonna see Mahi again. No need to panic people there’s plenty for everyone. Everyone that charters ol Buzz On that is lol.  Just kidding had a great day with my oldest wait longest customers today been fishing these guys about 13 years now and have enjoyed everyone of our trips together.  #mahimahi #mahimahieverywhere #bnmu #fisheatsleeprepeat #itswhatsfordinner #islamorada #beerme #done @smasoncanes @capt_toledo @fosty_c @budnmarysmarina @salty_chik @chefdavedd @heatherkoch7408
#slammer just happened #zerotohero #beerme
#yup here we go again.
Great group of guys Tom and his gang had a great couple days fishing with us 49 Mahi in two days of fishing and an awesome summer surprise sailfish for David.  #mahimahi #sailfish #fisheatsleeprepeat #itswhatsfordinner #islamorada #bnmu #masongetmeaberrplease @smasoncanes @capt_toledo @fosty_c @budnmarysmarina @chefdavedd @salty_chik @islamorada_fish_freight
We went hardcore offshore yesterday and found a few Mahi. It was definitely rough out but this group from Huttig did a great job sticking  it out.  #mahimahi #itswhatsfordinner #fisheatsleeprepeat #bnmu #islamorada @smasoncanes @capt_toledo @fosty_c @budnmarysmarina @chefdavedd @heatherkoch7408
Couple of cool ass sandbar sharks this afternoon on our shark trip. #shark #weregonnaneedabiggerboat #masonbeerplease @smasoncanes
Father son trip was a success. Got Jack his first African Pompano. Caught a couple kingfish for some action. Then we trolled up a couple little black fin tunas and finished the day deep dropping for there limit of tilefish.  Thanks to Adam @islamorada_fish_freight they will be eating fresh fish back in Chicago. #itswhatsfordinner #africanpompano #bluelinetilefish #tuna #fisheatsleeprepeat #bnmu #beerme @chefdavedd @fosty_c @salty_chik @budnmarysmarina @smasoncanes @capt_toledo


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