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Great Feathers Fly Shop & Guide Service

Sparks Glencoe, MD, United States

Endorsed by 2500 people


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Trips & Rates

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Half Day

Walk/Wade / 4 Hours / Fly Gear
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Rod/Reel: $30

Waders: $15

  • 1 People $225.00
  • 2 People $295.00
  • 3 People $365.00

Full Day

Walk/Wade / 8 Hours / Fly Gear
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Rod/Reel: $45

Waders: $20

  • Food & Drink: Provided (confer with outfitter about details)
  • 1 People $295.00
  • 2 People $350.00
  • 3 People $430.00

Policies & Additional Info

We will guide a maximum of three clients to one guide. To guide more than three clients we will add additional guides. Please contact the store for additional details.

Equipment: If needed we will provide rentals for fly rod outfit and breathable waders. The Flies are on us!

Maryland Fishing Licenses: Sold separately ($12.50 for a seven-day license)

Guide Gratuity not included in pricing

All deposits on guide trips are non-refundable


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Endorsed by 2500 people.

Recent Photos

Some of the best dry-fly action of late summer and fall features trout feeding on Isonychia adults. As Tim Flagler notes in this video, fish seems to eat these mayflies even when there are very few on. . .Read More
The weather is beautiful! The conditions are great! Why aren't you out there?! The fishes are waiting...
You won't be able to wet-wade forever... think about a pair of Orvis Access Boots. High ankle support. Lightweight. Check 'em out!
Lefty Kreh's five cardinal rules of fly casting:
Any questions? Comments?

1)  The rod is a flexible lever, and the longer you move the rod through a casting arc, the more it contributes to the cast and the less effort is required of the angler.

2)  you cannot make any cast until you get the end of the line moving, and on the back cast it is wise to also lift all line (except the leader) from the water before making the cast.

3)  The fly will go in the direction that you accelerate at the end of the cast and where the rod tip stops.

4)  The size of the loop is determined by the distance that you accelerate the rod tip at the end of each cast, combined with a quick stop.

5)  To be able to reach well behind you with the rod hand, you must start the cast with the thumb rotated outward from the body, and the thumb should travel in a straight path that is 180 degrees away from the target.


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