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Telluride Outside

Telluride, CO, United States

Endorsed by 1987 people

Riding the fence between work and play, Telluride Outside guides fly fishing, rafting, 4-WD tours, mountain bike tours, photography tours, and snowmobile tours here in Telluride.


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Endorsed by 1987 people.

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Wahoo for the weekend! Dr. K with a Christmas Island Wahoo caught on a 12 weight. Be prepared for your trip to Christmas Island by checking out our new article! Click the link to access. 
✨:  ☎️: (970) 728-3895
The fishing on Christmas Island is unique in that all fishing with the exception of the offshore option is done on foot. Read our detailed article about fly fishing on Christmas Island by clicking the link! 
✨: ☎️: (970) 728-3895
While many bonefish destinations raise the question of whether an 8wt or 9wt fly rod is the best choice, Christmas Island can be a little more complicated. Check out our Christmas Island in-depth gear recommendations by clicking the link! 
✨:  ☎️: (970) 728-3895
Heading to Christmas Island? Check out our new gear article on all things fly fishing on Christmas Island! Click the link to access all the tips and tricks! 
✨: ☎️: (970) 728-3895
We love it when a client becomes
What is better than a Hatch Reel? The Hatch Nomad 2 Pliers!  Nomad pliers come with a custom Hatch bungee lanyard and a black leather sheath. Order yours now! Free shipping on all U.S. orders over $100. 
✨:  ☎️: (970) 728-3895
The meadows are our favorite. You can zoom around and soak in the mountain views. See for yourself by booking a snowmobile tour today!
✨: ☎️: (970) 728-3895
What is better than spring snow? Spring Snowmobiling! Hop on your tour today!
✨:  ☎️: (970) 728-3895
Scott G Series and Ross Gunnison. Both made in Montrose, Colorado and fished in our backyard. Learn more about the spectacular Scott G Series by clicking the link. 
✨:  ☎️: (970) 728-3895
Some anglers jokingly ask if a new fly rod will actually “catch more fish.”  This time, the answer is YES. Get yourself a Scott G Series rod and you will be forever in love. 
Click the link to access our reviews on the series. 
✨:  ☎️: (970) 728-3895
Stunning in appearance, scintillating in the cast and even better on the water, the Scott G is the once and future king of trout rods. Click the link to find out which rod in the line up is for you! 
✨:  ☎️: (970) 728-3895
What a season it has been!! Only two weeks left of our snowmobile tours! Book your group outing today!
✨:☎️: (970) 728-3895


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