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Morrison's Rogue River Lodge

Merlin, OR, United States

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Endorsed by 12873 people.

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Taylor Buchanan Combs was born in Falls Church, VA, but she grew up in Edmond, Oklahoma and attended College at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is the General Manager here but she started as a raft guide. Taylor has been working at Morrisons Rogue Wilderness Adventures & Lodge for five years now. In her off-season, she works as a Ski Patrol at Sugar Bowl Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe, CA. Taylor is quite lousy at basketball and bowling, but can make up for it in the kayaking realm! A hidden talent of Taylor’s is 15 years of classical training on the piano! She is also, a Gemini her spirit animal is a dragon, and her favorite shower song is “All I do is Win” by DJ Khaled! If she were stranded on an island she would bring Paul Simon, a bottle of wine, and some dark chocolate. She believes that there is an increasing importance to share our precious natural resources to a society that is becoming disconnected. In believing so she has traveled to Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Chile, Panama, Austrailia, and New Zealand. The beauty of the river is it's ability to bring you into the moment. When you are in a rapid, there is nothing else in your world but you and the water. It is a truly unique experience that she will chase to the end of her days.
Come say hi to Taylor, who keeps everything going at Morrisons Rogue Wilderness Adventures & Lodge! Thank you for all of your hard work, your organization, and your commitment we hope to see you out on the water soon! Meet Taylor and find your next adventure here
Need a place to stay and relax? Or just want to come enjoy our delicious meals and the beautiful scenery? We have it all at MRWAL! Book your stay now at
Melissa, a Pisces bookworm, was born in CA and grew up mostly in the East Bay Area. She is a new hire who we are excited to have on our team.  She has been working here for a month now, and is excelling very fast at her new job! In her off-season, she enjoys hiking in the cold, and she loves snowboarding at Mount Ashland in Oregon. She is terrible at painting her nails, but who needs that anyways. Her shower song is “Late July” by Shakey Graves! Her spirit animal is a cat, simply because she likes naps! She is very good at cooking, and her philosophy on life is that it is her duty to do whatever is in her power to make her fellow man/woman happy. She personally loves hospitality and direct customer service for this exact reason, especially with companies that provide FUN and memorable experiences for our guests. It is her job to make your trip the best it can be, and the best feeling, for her, is knowing that she has contributed to our guests' amazing experiences. She has traveled to El Salvador, Panama, Mexico, Canada, seen a few states... she has also lived in Guatemala for about a year. Melissa loves how beautiful the river is. No matter where she goes fishing/swimming, it's just beautiful. She wouldn't choose to live anywhere else.
Come, meet sweet Melissa at Morrisons Rogue Wilderness Adventures & Lodge. Her smiling face, her confident but modest attitude, and her spunk will keep you happy and engaged. Thanks for your hard work Melissa, and come check out our amazing staff at
Hurry these spots won't last long!!!!!!
We have 2 spots left for our Betty's and Backpacks trip on May 17th and 4 spots left for Wiking or wine hiking for May 15th!
Call now to book your next adventure 1-800-336-1647
We are fishing, we are lodging, we are rafting, but more importantly we are a community! Come join our support in local business where we eat, breath, and live on the Rogue River.
Private cabins in a peaceful forest
Misty Clark House's voice might be the first friendly voice that you will hear if you are booking a trip over the phone. She has been working at Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures & Lodge now for three years and she is the Lodge Director. You will see Misty’s beautiful, smiling, and kind face around the lodge because she is always there making sure that everyone is having a good time. Misty enjoys ice skating, rollerblading, and drawing in her spare time when she is not working or spending time with her family. She loves the hospitality industry, seeing people happy and being a small part of it makes her happy. She wakes up in the morning excited to come to work with people that she enjoys. She is a sassy Scorpio who loves the natural beauty of the river and all creatures that surround it. She is happy to be here!
Misty your kindness is infectious keep smiling pretty lady and keep up your hard work we appreciate your effort, ideas, creativity, and organization. Book your next trip with Misty or come say hi at the lodge so she doesn’t get lonely.
Our President at Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures & Lodge, Erin Kennedy, is originally from Reno, Nevada but loves it here it beautiful Oregon. She has been working here for a year now, and you will often see her at the lodge greeting guests and talking with people about their stay. She was quite hip and popular in high school, almost as popular as she is now! However, you do not want her on your team if you are playing pool, she often finds that the white ball goes into the pockets way too easy...Her favorite shower song is “The Weekend Can’t Feel My Face” and boy she can really belt it! Her very hidden talent is that she is quite good at volleyball to make up for her pool playing. She too is a sassy Scorpio, whose spirit animal is an elephant! She loves what she does, and she finds herself drawn to the peaceful beauty and history of the Rogue River. If she were stranded on a deserted island she would bring red-bull so she can grow wings and fly away to find her family!
Thanks, Erin for everything that you do, your authoritative skills are needed and helpful while running a business as ours. Your quirky nature and sly jokes are also very appreciated in the office. Keep up the hard work everyone, and come meet Erin on the Rogue River.


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