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Sea Star Sportfishing

Oceanside, CA, U.S.A.

Endorsed by 10996 people

The premier charter boat in Oceanside harbor offering sportfishing, sea life adventures, marine environmental field trips, and burials at sea.


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Endorsed by 10996 people.

Recent Photos

Good night. It's going to be a busy week.....thank you for all your support.
Sportfishing: family fun for all ages! Book your trip with Sea Star Sportfishing today!
Time to do a little window shopping!
How do you feel about gillnets? Are they harming the sport, or just a normal part of commercial fishing?
Let us put you on the fish in some of the South Coast's most productive waters, from Dana Point south to La Jolla!
What do you get when you combine water skiing and fishing for flying carp? It's called skarping, and we'll stick with the old way of fishing, thank you very much.
Located in sunny Oceanside, Ca, Sea Star Charters offers deep sea fishing and private charters for just your group members! Call 760-966-0111 to make your reservation today!
What would you rather have connecting your hook to that once-in-a-lifetime trophy? A knot that will give you 100 percent of the line-strength, or a knot that will break at 72 percent of the line-strength? Your knot matters.
This 10-year-old from Prince Edward Island just smashed a record for catching this 850-lb bluefin!
Check out this video (action starts at 2:15) to see a mako shark take flight! Looks like this one wants to come aboard!
Did you know the Sea Star offers educational, hands-on learning for students? Discover the ecosystems, living organisms, and science of oceanography with The Sea Star Ocean Classroom!
Check out the speed and intensity of this marlin strike on a dredge
cam! It all happens in the blink of an eye, but you can see it again
in slow motion at the :14 second mark.


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