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King Tide Salt Fly

Tauranga, BAY OF PLENTY, New Zealand

Add a new experience to your New Zealand fly fishing trip. King Tide offers fully guided salt water fly fishing trips. Being based in Tauranga means we have a huge harbour to target Yellowtail Kingfish in super shallow water. These "ray riders" as they're affectionately known follow the black stingrays onto the flats and are a great target for the fly rodder.


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Recent Photos

Classic glassed out session with @guide_clinch shooting some promo vid. “If we don’t see a ray within 5 mins of being on this flat we’re leaving...” Funniest eat of the season with the fish finally committing under the fairlead and not really knowing what happened to it until it was in the net.
RECAPTURE... I love it when dirty Dick Marquand rings me from the water, he’s always got a good report. This time around a fish caught exactly a year ago by @guide_clinch and no more than 500m from the initial tag site. The story these fish are starting to tell us is priceless in regards to the special inshore fishery we have. Dick threatened to eat it but I told him to let it go, now a chunky butterball at 96cm it’ll make someone’s day in time to come.
Still over a month of action left. I’m still shaking from spotting possibly the biggest king cruising the flats I’ve ever seen. Threw the cast but he had my number, they don’t grow big by being stupid. Made this capture look like a livebait.
Sometimes putting them in the net is the easy part. Shitty light and persistent westerlies this week have made things tricky. Pays to have a lot of options and think outside the square during these times.
Cunning, aggressive, thuggish. What’s not to like about chasing these rats in the shallows? Have had an epic season to date with some awesome memories made. Best bit is there’s still more to come... It’s good being based right on the doorstep of one of NZs best flats fisheries.
So long Michael. Hope your family and friends sent you off in fine form yesterday. I’ll always laugh at this pic from when you skipped work to go fishing with me. Mike: “Whatever you do, don’t post any pics of my face up on Friday”. Me: “Nah mate you are hardly recognizable in this one”. Always a pleasure to have onboard, you will be missed mate.
Had an awesome day out with Ben from @builttofish filming an upcoming episode. It all went to plan with a solid flats kingfish coming to the boat after one of the most rigorous battles I’ve had. An epic bust off on some structure and casting to hundreds of horse Kahawai riding the face of waves completed the day in fine form. Looking forward to the episode airing soon.
Whole lotta love for these brutes. This season has been really good to us. Looking forward to the next 2 months as they fatten up for winter and rarely refuse a fly...
@paulmeneely lucked out earlier in the year due to some bad events. This time he came back and settled the score big time. Great day with loads of tailing fish willing to take a well presented fly. 5 from 6 ain’t a bad hit rate.
@nel_marcel stepped up in some windy and tough light conditions. It pays to cast to any suspect smudge, sometimes those smudges produce the goods.
@bhassack mid pose while @aussieflyfisher snaps a couple hundred clicks. Solid fish caught on the way back to the ramp made for an unforgettable day.
You take the left side, I’ll take the right. Good fishing around at present. Still a few months left yet, don’t let the onset of autumn deter you. Book now to avoid disappointment.


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