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King Tide Salt Fly

Tauranga, BAY OF PLENTY, New Zealand

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Add a new experience to your New Zealand fly fishing trip. King Tide offers fully guided salt water fly fishing trips. Being based in Tauranga means we have a huge harbour to target Yellowtail Kingfish in super shallow water. These "ray riders" as they're affectionately known follow the black stingrays onto the flats and are a great target for the fly rodder.


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Endorsed by 823 people.

Recent Photos

Not a bad snapper constellation prize. 4kg gear, 1 3/4 hour fight and 3 nautical miles. Guess that’s dinner sorted.
Not long until we get face to face again. Harbor is looking really great with loads of life already. We've been really busy prepping for the season and are pretty excited about what lies ahead. #saltwaterfly #kingfish #flatsfishing #newzealand #rayriders #manicmates
Here's to another weekend gone. Typical blustery spring westerlies showing up on cue. Let's hope this fly comes out to play in a few weeks time.
The man @sharls_in_charge with a hard earned flats torpedo from earlier this year. Spring is coming, and so are the fish.
It's all fun and games until these jokers steal your Kahawai. And here I was thinking barracouta were savage fish thieves!
Early season is fast approaching. The air and water will start warming and with that comes the bait schools followed by typically larger and hungry groups of Kingfish.


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