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King Tide Salt Fly

Tauranga, BAY OF PLENTY, New Zealand

Add a new experience to your New Zealand fly fishing trip. King Tide offers fully guided salt water fly fishing trips. Being based in Tauranga means we have a huge harbour to target Yellowtail Kingfish in super shallow water. These "ray riders" as they're affectionately known follow the black stingrays onto the flats and are a great target for the fly rodder.


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Recent Photos

@tomcharleson celebrating another year of birth and nailing this scrappy early morning ray rider.
Boy Scout rule number 1. Always be prepared.
Fishing for the womens 4kg igfa Kingfish record presents its own set of challenges. Short bite windows, solo fussy ray riders and packs of 15-25kg fish teasing us for a few days. New boat went exceptionally well, it’s going to be a good summer...
Time to write up an incident report... Sometimes the fish fight back more than you think.
Circled for an hour or so by this curious Blue the other day. Was pretty placid until it decided to chew on the prop, transducer and Minn Kota.
Plenty of mongrel, even in these smaller models. They know all the dirty fighting tricks from birth.
Friday 07 December has just become available. We’ve delayed the start of guiding this season but are ready to kick off from December. Good moon and tides, this is a date to snap up quickly.
Raided the vault. Seems gingerbread rainbows were a thing back then.
Great night back in the old stomping ground with the boys. Borrowed some gear, stole a fly and watched snouts rise freely into the night.
Considering these snapper were pretty fat they still hit flies like it was their first meal after a fast. Good fun, great eating.


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