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King Tide Salt Fly

Tauranga, BAY OF PLENTY, New Zealand

Add a new experience to your New Zealand fly fishing trip. King Tide offers fully guided salt water fly fishing trips. Being based in Tauranga means we have a huge harbour to target Yellowtail Kingfish in super shallow water. These "ray riders" as they're affectionately known follow the black stingrays onto the flats and are a great target for the fly rodder.


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Recent Photos

My kind of Easter egg. Have a safe and happy Easter everyone what ever you may be doing.
Tauranga’s flats producing some prime autumn fish, coupled with bluebird days and calm winds things have been firing nicely. @deano_salty with the rewards from a textbook eat in the shallows.
Meet Hunter, 12 years old and kicking goals big time this year. Spotted, cast and landed like a pro. Easy day out when you have dudes like this onboard. @deano_salty
I have a lot of favourite battles from this season, most of them we didn’t win. Autumn brings some of the best fishing as the fish pack on weight for the winter.
Cast, cut, tie, cast, cut, tie, cast, cut, tie... you get the picture.
Not to be outdone by his nephew Ryan nailed this lively Kingfish after a few stroppy refusals. You have to work for these fish, numerous fly changes, a stealthy approach and accurate casts getting the job done.
Young Arthur had caught 4 trout before his Dad and Uncle took him out for the day chasing salt water critters. With just a little bit of help he knocked this Kahawai over like a pro.
Great result for Rob while on a fish rage around New Zealand. This king put on an awesome battle and took a lot of coaxing to swim into the net. Tagged and released it will provide an epic rematch to another angler someday.
Stoke on level 10. This is the result of many casts, backing yourself in some snotty conditions and taking a shot or 3 at suspect shapes. @charliefletch12 ticking the ray rider off in fine form whilst on holiday in New Zealand recently.
April 3,4,6 are still up for grabs. Fish are putting on condition, the harbour is looking great. 

Go on, you know you want to...
Some challenging yet highly rewarding flats fishing over the last week. Loads of activity with pinpoint casts getting the results. 📸 @aussieflyfisher
Sometimes you need to rinse the salt out just a little. Stretched the legs and got all tight and technical for some stinking browns recently. Forgot how brutal they are in the jungle.


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