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Coldwater Guide Service

Stuart, IA, United States

Endorsed by 646 people

Target Fish

Bluegills Crappy Panfish Perch Pike Walleye Yellow Bass

Featured Water

12 Mile Lake 3 Mile Lake Beaver Lake Brushy Creek Lake Lake Cornelia Rock Creek Lake Clear Lake Great Spirit Lake Silver Lake Resevoir West Okoboji


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Trips & Rates

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Full Day Fly Fishing

8 Hours / Fly & Conventional Gear
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  • 1 People $210.00
  • 2 People $300.00

Half Day Fly Fishing

4 Hours / Fly & Conventional Gear
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  • 1 People $150.00
  • 2 People $225.00

Full Day Ice Fishing

8 Hours / Fly & Conventional Gear
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  • Featured Fish: Panfish, Bluegills, Crappy, Yellow Bass, Perch, Walleye, Pike
  • Featured Water: West Okoboji, Great Spirit Lake, Clear Lake
  • 1-2 People $250.00
  • 3 People $300.00
  • 4 People $350.00
  • 5 People $400.00


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Endorsed by 646 people.

Recent Photos

Farm pond crappies on the 1wt!  A great start to the holiday weekend.  Happy Independence Day everyone from CWGS.  'Murica!
The boys ended up taking 4 trout home for the table.  Ken had a couple hooked that didn't come to hand, so if either of those had been landed, they would have caught a limit.
Shortly after Ken was able to land his first trout, we managed to get Connor's first ever trout!  I'm not sure who was more proud, Ken or Connor!
This was Ken's first trout to hand EVER, but not the his first trout to be hooked.  He had a nice brown trout on earlier in the day that he lost.  Needless to say, he wan't letting this one get away this time.
Ken let out a whoop that echoed off the neighboring hillsides when he finally got this trout to the net!  I think that smile says it all!
Zach after just entting his first Rapid Creek rainbow.
Zach with both of his trophies!
We were even able to spend some time out in the boat with good friend and Rapid City native, Craig Oyler.  Rick put on a Rock Bass Clinic but was also able to bring a few spunky rainbows to hand.
Almost every stream we fished had an amazing cry fly bite happening.  I've never seen fish so willing to take flies off the surface.  I guess that's one of the major differences between stream-born wild trout and hatchery raised trout.
Great colors on all the fish we caught.  It was almost surrela to be catching dry fly browns in downtown Rapid City as the traffic whizzed by!
Very first fish of the trip!
After a little help with the rainbow, Zach managed to catch this brown trout all by himself!


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