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Angler's Covey

Colorado Springs, CO, United States

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We provide quality services, products and expertise that enhance the experience of the fly fishing angler. Our goals are to provide the best value possible to our customers and to promote and grow fly fishing in our community. For over thirty years we have been sharing our passion of fly fishing Colorado.


295 S. 21 St., Colorado Springs, CO, United States
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Endorsed by 4170 people.

Recent Photos

No matter where you live, Life is better on the water. Covey guide Zack Tokach bombing dry flies
Interested in the trip of a lifetime? We will be hosting a trip to Jurassic Lake Argentina this February. We only have 3 spots left for this amazing experience!
Not bad for your first fish on the fly. Sydney had a great trip with guide Anthony Surage this week.
Our fly of the week this week was another hard choice, but in the end the Barr's Graphic Caddis won us over. 
 John Barr's fly patterns are (or should be) a staple in every trout fishermans fly box. The graphic caddis is no exception. This pattern was developed to mimic the emerging caddis pupae. He also added a small distinct feature on this fly. The small hint of holographic flashabou at the rear of the fly is said to imitate the trapped air bubble as the bug emerges. It can be fished as the top fly in a tandem nymph rig, or simply dropped off of an adult caddis pattern as the dropper. I have a lot of confidence in this pattern and it is a regular in my summer rotation of patterns I fish. This fly comes in 2 colors, tan and green and is available in sizes 14-18 here in the shop.
How did you spend your weekend? Covey guide Zack Tokach spent his tossing dry flies to stunners like this. Hookset FlyFishing
Attention Ladies! We still have some spots open in our upcoming Women's Camp! The camp includes 2 evenings of classroom instruction and one day of a streamside class. Sign up here:
Covey staff member and guide Scott Voyles with a high alpine beauty.
Covey guide Justin Brenner on a stillwater mission. 60mph winds were no match for determined fisherman.
Did you know? We are proud to offer guided kayak fly fishing trips on our famous stillwater locations. July is prime time for our lakes, and this is a great way to fish them. Once you go YAK, you never go back..
Contact us for more details.
Covey guide Justin Brenner with the reward after an alpine hike. The high lakes in the state are almost all open and fishable. 
 But, don't be surprised if you run into tough conditions. A lot of alpine cutthroats are still in full spawn mode. Be selective in your locations. Start exploring lower elevation lakes and hit the highest lakes Late July/Early August.
Graham Moran, Tenkara Grasshopper, breaks down the basics of Tenkara techniques.
Our Fly of the Week!
June is tough for naming a fly of the week with so many food sources and different hatches happening. But we would be doing ourselves and you a disservice if we did not talk about the Mathew's Sparkle Dun. This pattern was developed by Craig Mathews in Yellowstone Montana. This is a great and simple adult mayfly pattern. This particular color represents the Pale Morning Dun mayfly and is one of our guides' go-to adult PMD patterns. The trailing shuck on this fly gives it a very unique look and can often even trigger strikes from selective fish. This pattern is particularly effective as we speak right now on the south platte river. Look for the heaviest hatch activity of PMD's from about 10am-1pm.


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