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Into The Wild Fly Fishing Guide Service

Escanaba, MI, United States

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Upper Peninsula of Michigan's Number One Fly Fishing Guide Service


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Endorsed by 1238 people.

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Happy St. Patty's Day!  I hit the water with a few friends, yesterday.  We all managed to hook fish and I ended up with 2 pretty browns both around 3-4 pounds. Water levels need to rise and warm slightly to get these steelhead moving. Thankful to get out on the water with some great friends. My legs need a few hours to unthaw, but it was well worth it.
Canceled due to weather. Sorry to my friends and clients.
Monday night fly tying night. Had the new guys try some golden stones on curved hooks. Not bad fellas, not bad!
I got some heat for not making a brook trout one, right away.  So here it is. =)
Buck Steelhead. Upper Peninsula Logo
T-shirt  $27.00  any size.
Lake Run Brown Trout. Upper Peninsula Logo
T-shirt  $27.00  any size.
Smallmouth Bass. Upper Peninsula Logo
T-shirt  $27.00  any size.
Loving the new designs!  These turned out great!
If I had a dollar for every hour of nymphing, dry fly or even streamer technique videos I studied, I would pick up my clients in an Escalade. 😁  I see a lot of these fly fishing guides/experts/pros or whoever with actual DVDs or online instructional videos. I admire the theories, tactics, and presentations. 

Nymphing obviously being the most difficult and theoretical, imo. But, almost all of these people are still missing large parts of the overall game. What I mean is... they pigeon-hole certain techniques as being the best or the only way. I recently watched a presentation that was an hour and forty minutes long. It was a great and detailed presentation. It was entertaining and highly informational. I enjoyed it. But, I picked apart a great deal of it. I do this with so many videos/presentations etc. The guy wrongly said that Euro nymphing will outfish an indicator rig setup. In shallow or slow-moving seams/riffles/flows etc, it's very possible. Trying to drift from long distances or over large flows in bigger trout streams or lake run rivers? Good luck. It's best to be prepared for all situations. I have found myself in situations where you absolutely cannot toss an indi rig. I've also been in giant flows where even a 12 foot rod would not help you Euro. Keep your brain active. Always study up, fly anglers.

I just want to let you anglers know to always be flexible. Do not go to a river or stream (small or large) with one technique. Conditions change. Flows change. Be prepared. Make sure you practice in your spare time. Think about your presentation before you think about fly selection and color. 

Tight lines, fly anglers!


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