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Cabo San Lucas

Photo via Flickr

The fishery is good year round, and there is plenty to do at night and on the days you’re not fishing.

We’ve heard some unbelievable fishing stories from this area of Mexico. Situated at the tip of the Gulf of California, the water of Cabo San Lucas is teeming with different kinds of sportfish. Cabo is the meeting point of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific, making the waters rich in nutrients, which attract big fish. One of the best things to do here is go offshore and chase the big black marlin that migrate up and down the West coast of the Americas. One of our outfitters recently shared a story of how he caught the same marlin on 3 different rods, before losing it when an aggressive wahoo came out of the depths and smashed the line, breaking it off. That’s how combative the fish are in this area of the world.

If that sounds a little intense for you, there are literally hundreds of other ways to fish in Cabo. Just a few miles offshore, you can hook into schools of Mahi Mahi chasing flying fish, or fish wreck and reefs for snapper and grouper. Whatever you decide to do, Cabo San Lucas will not disappoint you as a fishing destination!

Basic Info
  • 80° 59° Dec-Feb
  • 82° 63° Mar-May
  • 92° 78° Jun-Aug
  • 91° 75° Sep-Nov
Pacific Ocean, Gulf Of California, Sea Of Cortez
Fishing license info here: here

The Catch

Top fish species to target in Cabo San Lucas


Not related to the mammal, Dolphin have vibrant yellows and metalic blues and greens, especially when first caught


With a spear like bill and big rigid dorsal fin, the Marlin is a prized sport fish. Think Old Man and the Sea.


One of the fastest and largest predators in the ocean, swordfish have a distinctive long flattened bill.

Yellowfin Tuna

One of the larger tuna species, with a vibrant yellow dorsal fin and anal fin. An incredibly tough pound for pound fighter.

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